Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Young mind is like a piece of white canvas, they follow you everything including words like stupid,ugly,lazy and yes, bitch! included.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I am so relieved today, my pre-school students ask me for an eraser instead of a pemadam

Training young brains to speak english is easy. But training young brains whose naughty is "easier". but then today, my heart is overwhelmed when my "children" ask me :

"teacher, boleh pinjam ERASER teacher tak?"

leganya hati teacher ...Ijat cakap eraser instead of pemadam.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What is this attitude?

I have huge problems this 2 days. Huge problems and many other opportunities that I barely make mine.

But what I hate the most is because I have this I-don't-care-and-don't-want-to-do-anything-I-just-want-to-play-game-at-facebook-and-watch-funny-kittens-at-youtube attitude!

I'm so not growing up. I'm already 24. I can't have Ashlee-Simpson attitude forever (even Ashlee changed after having baby with Pete Wentz). I'm so psycho rite now.not in a normal state.My house is such a mess. Pizza boxes and cokes are everywhere.Stacks of French books are almost 2 storey high...and I still haven't study a thing.

Man, what I have been doing recently?I'm a zombie. A Pizzavor Zombie.

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, dugaan apa yang kau nak berikan aku?. Satu-satu datang. Aku tak setabah Nabi Ayob A.S. Aku hanya hambamu yang hina. Namun, aku redha.

I ending this post with tears at my cheek and doa.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aku ada French Placement Test esok

Skrg patik ialah Puteri Melayu Terakhir.

tapi tunggu hingga midnight nanti aku akan bertukar jadi

Baronness Diyana.

Au Revoir!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Craving mishap

Yesterday I was craving for Cadbury's Choc bar. I searched for 3 grocery stores for it but failed. Lastly, I stopped at a Caltex and found the one. When I opened it, I cried so loud. I hate Caltex!.

My newest project : kids

For my old and new friends who wondering what I'm doing now for my living, I am a full time Real Estate Negotiator. I help sell properties and my expertise are in lands and bungalows. All my listings are compiled in one blog, Hartanah Dyana.

Other than that, I'm running my own blog boutique at Pretty-Tasty. I sell pre-loves many are from my friends who sent their stuffI for me to sell. This coming Aidilfitri, I'll be selling lovely-lovely cotton-material baju kurung. Tunggu yer..

And other than that, I'm a happy tuition teacher for pre-school, primary and secondary. I want to open a tuition centre soon as my numbers of students are getting bigger. Average 10 students entered every month. I think parents (and of course my students) love the tuition because of my different kind of teachings and approaches. Well, tips from both of my parents are effective I guess.

Last 2 days, some of my students and I took pictures of us. We will used it to write essays about the pictures. Check us out!.

my primary students : Iskandar, Azam and Adham

my pre-school students

Ziyad Putra found me boring

I don't think I'm a boring person. People easily in love with me on first meet. Any mother adores me. Any guy found me friendly. But this guy obviously show me his boring face on the first time I hold him.

Tengok la muka dia, bengang tul!.

me with my nephew, Ziyad Putra 5 months old

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dyana on the next best thing by Hulallalana Rancid

" Kama" starring Ejam Wave, Dyana, Remy, Oppie and Im.
" I've moved on"

That's what Dyana said when asked to comment about the death of her first pet , she nicknamed Sayangku.

"What past is still past and like I said "tiada jodoh" between us but the experience living with him is unforgettable. For the first time I miss my beauty sleep just to be with him."said Dyana.
She also realised Sayangku's sudden loss of appetite is as the result of her own destructive diet.
She added, " On that time, I didn't know that my daily diet is a follower to any of my fans or animals. I didn't know that Sayangku was following my diet. For me, different body eats different kind of meal. I'm still energetic even I don't have proper meal for a week but not everybody can stand like I do.
Whatever the reason she gave, she loss 3 Kgs on the first week dieting for her role in Kama .
"Surreen Anjit ( director of Kama) had asked me to loss some weight for the role. The drama is the follow-up of the blockbuster of "Kami".I will play the role of Dizzy/Izzie the split-personality girl. Izzie is a reserved,workaholic girl and responsible to her family while on the otherside of her Dizzy is a bad girl who do anything that spells rebel. The best part is I will be acting with my long lost friends. I miss them. I can't recall when was the last time I met them."
When asked about her love life, she said,
" I've loss my pet that I took care for just 2 days. Any mother will be scared if I married their son. I could be risking the life of their granchildren after just 2 days."giggling.

with fellow acts of Kama while preparing for the first take of the drama.

"Kama" will be aired 9 September 09 on Akasia TV 3.

Hello everybody,my kitten is dead

What a co-incident, Just this morning I boasted about myself caring for a kitten and by evening he dead!.

This will be put in the "Genius Dyana World of Record" under the tittle "The shortest lived pet".2 days.

People. Please don't try to break my record.

I can imagine what the frontpage of The Star gonna be like.

"R.I.P Sayangku-Dyana break the record again"
Damansara- Sayangku, the unnamed kitten of the Freedom Fighter, Diyana Nadiah Tojiman was caught dead on her living room yesterday evening. A reliable source said that Sayangku which Dyana took as a pet for just only 2 days was diagnosed of malnutrition and anorexic. During the last two days of living with the former star of blogspot, he loss appetite and become skinnier. Dyana commented it as " tiada jodoh". Yet many of her friends said that the kitten was following Dyana's footsteps. Dyana is seen less eating and more skeletony than ever. These also prove that human and animal are both different hence leads to many questions about the controversial of Darwin Theory which said that Human is originated from Chimpanzee.

Bye, got some digging job to do.

Hey everybody,meet Sayangku

As my financial stabilized a bit this past few months I went to have a pet for myself. He/She sleeps like a baby especially after taking bath. At one time for the sake of 8 hours straight.He/She just wake up in the middle of the night to eat and drink.

Perfect timing huh..

Anyone got some suggestion on the kitten's name?
For now I just call Her/Him Sayangku.

Friday, July 10, 2009

hello there

I hope I can buy a new laptop soon or at least a desktop. Trips to cyber cafe everyday makes me sick. I have to wear make-up, iron my clothes and start my engine just to drive to 100m cyber cafe.

I Wish I can go there with just my pajamas.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy mendaki tangga kejayaan

Monday, June 8, 2009

Too Many Mindsets, So little brain cells to swallow.

Well, as so typically as everyone knows, Mother-daughter relationship is weird. Especially mine. We always fought for everything because we see the world in two difference eyes but always reconcile back when fashion and gossips come. I love fashion and detest gossipping but with my mum I think it's not a sin at all. One time we were fighting when I tell her I want to work in KL so much yet she really wanted me to work as a lecturer at kedah. But we forget all the tense when a fashion ad appear on the TV we were watching while fighting. The next minute we are BFF talking about where we want to do facials and shopping.

Yesterday, in our car to Parkson,my mum criticised me for being in too many jobs at the same time. I don't call them jobs. I call them my passions / dreams. She said it takes all the times I need to rest and times I need to learn baking cakes. (When did I tell her I want to learn that?).

I ended our "tikam lidah" by saying : "Mummy, kalo mummy datang KL, akak selalu je ada masa nak kuar ngan mummy".


I know I hurt her feeling.

Mummy, sorry sangat-sangat but Akak cannot run my life like yours

But 15 minutes later,

me : " Mummy, cantiknya baju ni Mi, nampak cam vintage jer!"

mummy :"Macam baju mummy masa muda-muda ja.P la try yang hitam ni nampak elegant"

me : " yang kaler pink ni cantik ar Mi,""akak nak yang ni Mi,akak p try naih" lalu terus menerpa ke fitting room.( tak malu tua-tua mintak mak belanja)

mummy : ( selepas keluar dr fitting room) "amikla, kalo akak pakai cantikla. mummy pakai nampak cam apa lagi.Segan mummy. Orang tengok semacam".

me : "Biaq pi la orang nak tengok kita.Yang penting yakin mi. Mummy amikla yang hitam tu. baru geng."

mummy : " mana ada saizla..nak tak baju ni? lepaih ni nak p cari beg plak kat ataih"


Mummy, you're the best and I love you.

This post is too late for Mother's day isn't it?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

1 month and 6 months and going strong

It's been a month I've moved to my new apartment.

Nice comfy place to stay for a single lady. A bachelorette pad for my friends.
2 rooms : a bedroom and a walk-in wardrobe. A kitchen I hardly use. A dining room converted to my little office plus next month A 29" TV will be added to the pad. Hope my works didn't get distrupted by the new addition.

And it's been half year already my life is disturbed by my other half. Though I made a shock decision on moving nearer to him. So near that I can knock his door and borrow his salt. Not that I do any cooking nor having a stove.

I learned a lot within this days of being much more alone. No housemates/roommates. I think what Leighton Meester's said " We grow up much more when we are alone" are kind of true. I mean, my housemate used to cook for me whether Nasi Goreng or just a Maggi. Now I need to find food for myself or I get starved.

Something like know.

I am now more grown up..thought a bit mellow than before. I'm a homebody now. If I get bored, I just go upstairs and watch TV and use internet at my Other Half's house.

Going strong, ahead of my life I want to resolute smaller ambition. One by one till it grow bigger. I used to dream big and start big. It takes a lot of energy, times and sometimes I didn't win.
Today onwards I want to start resolute my dream with persistent, hard work from small to the biggest I can be.

I want to start with cooking.
Buy stoves and cookbooks and steal some recipes from my mum.
Then buy an oven and learn to bake cuppacakes maybe any chances from Ixa?
Who knows after these little steps I'll be Malaysia's Martha Stewart someday.

Then learn how to expand my business...

and learn theories how to be great in bed... Cosmopolitan gives me free advices. The Practical after marriage though. hee...

and learn how to do a closing of a post coz I don't know how to stop writing now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Double Storey House to let at Greenwood

Hai everyone,

Have I told you guys about Auntie jamaliah and Uncle Kamal? There are some of my good friends I met in KL. They recently want to rent their house at Lorong Changkat Bahagia, Greenwood.

Here are the details:

Double storey house in " Tanah Lot"
4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms.
Balcony infront and at the back of the house.

Land space big enough to put 3 cars and picnicking.

Very quiet and peaceful

Near surau,pre-school, primary and secondary school.
Just a distance walk to 7 eleven, Laundy shop, many kind of restaurants to choose.
Pasar Pagi every saturday, Pasar malam every thursday.

RM 950 per mth
contact me at 019 363 5435 Dyana

Owh, check out this website. I'll boast to you when I reach there.

Dusun Ali King for Paintball

Friday, May 22, 2009

I am a never-tell-secrets-to-my-mum kind of person

Not that I have a problem with my mum..

It's just my secrets are something that gonna take a heart away from a mum's body.
and I don't want that to happen...

Usually I tell my brother, Asy for everything that I have done. He's still young.His heart still strong.

Nak dijadikan cerita lagi best, My parents come to visit me tonight. They gonna drive all along from Kedah. Macam tau-tau pulak aku ada masalah.

SO,maybe (insyallah) I'm gonna tell them dinner.

Macamana nak cakap aek?

Lalu simpang-siur baru straight to the point?

"Mummy dulu after kawin mummy p Aussie ngan Daddy kan?akak nak buat mcmtu gak ok tak?"

Bagi hint dulu?

"Mummy, akak teringin la nak keja kat Vietnam (cth)"

Or just Straight to the point?

" Mummy,cek nak kawin boleh?"
"Mummy,cek nak migrate boleh?"


Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's OK if you don't understands. It's just a thought writing for myself.

There's so much in my head right now

I'm's 12 p.m already

I haven't finished my "Ms. Dyana's English Class Project" draft and lesson plan

Still searching for a kampung house for Mr Khairul

Still stuck to find a Valuer for Kak Ti's house

Haven't view the house for Mr. Azhar

Didn't start to find a buyer for Mr Melvin's Bandar Bukit Puchong 2 house

I think I'm stuck because of this one matter. I don't know if I'm happy or not. (Jap nak pikir)...ok, I'm happy yet scared. I'm happy because I think I'm gonna emerge in a new phase of a woman. I'm happy because I got a reliable and caring companion to be with me towards this new journey.I'm happy because this matter gonna teach me to be more mature and loving and more responsible in life.

I got to start eating healthily, be in a good mood, Sembahyang 5 tak lepas,read al-Quran every night...Gee that sounds just so not like me. But I think I'm gonna love it.

I'm scared cause I think the matter is illegal ( but what the heck I done it). I'm scared cause I don't even have a clue how to do it. I'm scared because I even can't take care of myself netherless of others. I'm scared that I know I'm gonna always short with cash.

OMG! I think I have a mood swing now!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Aku dan mindset SP

Susah bebanau nak cari internet kat Sungai Petani. Jarang ada mamak yang ada WiFi ditambah masalah transport dan tak boleh keluar malam. Biasalah, dah duduk rumah parents kena jadi baik lagipun Astro tak boleh jugak nak tinggal.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have so many things to do

I am the first 300 to taste the krispy Kreme.

Pening kepala taktau nak buat mana satu. Banyaknya kerja. Pening pening. Sembang dengan Momo haritu. Dia baca blog saya and suspect saya tengah down.

Mana ada masa nak down...

I'm just tired of endless work. Kena kurangkan tidur kalau tak kerja tak siap.

And I really need to start hitting the gym. or visits Taman to jog. Kena ada banyak stamina nak siapkan kerja.

Maybe it's the best time now that I'm on hiatus with a serious relationship. Sebulan je. Rindu sangat tapi demi kerja and demi nak jauhkan dosa. huhu. Dalam masa sebulan ni boleh nilaikan balik and think back what's really the relationship is all about. Jauh mana nak pergi. Or not..

Takut tak sempat pikir sebab banyak kerja.

But truthfully Sayangku, I do miss you when I sleep. Every night.

Ok, back to work.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bukit Utama One Condo, Bandar Utama

I got a nice condo to rent at Bukit Utama 1 Condo, Bandar Utama.
Still in renovation and will be completed next week.
3+1 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms. Bath tub in master bathrooms.
1982 square feet. Big balcony with golfcourse view.Laundry area.
Partly furnished at every bedrooms with bed, wardrobe and air-cond.Complete kitchen facilites (ovens, kitchen's hud etc)
free 2 tenant cards and 2 free carpark spaces.
Condo facilities
  1. Tennis court
  2. Ping pong room
  3. Swimming pool
  4. Big BBQ area

and more

near KBU College, One Utama, McD, cool cafes and restaurants and clinic

contact me at 019 363 5435 Dyana

Monday, April 13, 2009

Baiti, I Love You Do You Know That?!

Ini bukan pengakuan seorang lesbian


You're the best partner I've ever had. You're the most loyal and never given up on me. I'm so ashamed to you.I've always turn you down.

Ini bukan pengakuan seorang lesbian

Semalam Dai tulis satu note untuk Baiti,masa kita meeting ngan Nabil kat rumah Baiti.Sambil makan Domino's, Dai ade tulis note tu. Baiti tengah bercakap-cakap tentang Dai yang tak heran pasal kejayaan orang lain.Dai tak suka dengar pasal orang lain,dai akan buat tak kisah. Dai mmg camtu, Dai nanti sakit hati nanti lagi down. Tak suka. tapi Dai tahu, You're always right. Kalau kita tak bandingkan diri kita dengan orang lain, kita tak blh nak letak satu par standard.

Anyway, note tu dai ade letak kat meja makan..but as clumsy as I know you are I don't think you sempat baca so dai nak tulis balik apa yang dai tulis. Maybe lagi setahun ke 2 tahun ke kot-kot you come across this blog,you will know that I'm dumber than Ashlee Simpson. Oh, wait you still already know if you don't read this.


Dai sebenarnya pemalas tahap cipan. Dai tahu kalau pemalas takkan berjaya tapi entahla kenapa bodoh sangat nak berubah. Dai cepat putus semangat. Dai ada banyak p tapi cepat putus semangat + malas. Nak tulis bendalah ni pun malas + byk kali terpikir nak stop tulis.
Dai tak matured.
Dai macam Ashlee Simpson (Cuma dia lagi cantik)
Ashlee Simpson pemalas tapi disebabkan environment dia boleh berjaya. Nasib baik Dai berada dalam environment orang-orang berjaya macam korang kalau tak dah hanyut. Sekarang pun hanyut tapi tak pernah in my mind terfikir nak berhenti berusaha. Help me Baiti!
Sebenarnya Dai malas. Dai tak blh kawin la macamni. Tak matured macamana nak buat anak? Nak buat anak boleh tapi nak jaga anak tak blh. Biz partner pun tak blh nak handle.Ada pun mati. Kalau Dai ada anak mesti dia mati gak. huhu.


Lastly and again, ini bukan pengakuan seorang lesbian.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kalau kita appreciate orang, kita appreciate masanya juga.

Pernah dengar janji Melayu? Janji Melayu ialah janji yang kalo kita janji nak jumpa kul 1.30 ptg ,pukul 1.30ptg baru nak bangun dari tidur dan mandi.dalam pukul 2.30 ptg baru nak keluar rumah dan lebih kurang sejam lepas tu baru berjumpa. Maknanya, kalau kawan yang janji Melayu cakap "OK bro aku jumpa ko,kul 2.30" that means 4.30 baru dia akan tiba.

Dulu selalu buat lawak dengan officemate kalau bab-bab janji buat meeting ni.Bila dah janji nak jumpa mesti last ayat is " ni janji melayu ke janji businessman?".
Kalau jawab "Janji Melayu"..mesti akan disambung dengan "Melayu mudah lupa".

Saya tak pernah lambat kalau dah janji. Sekali je masa nak meeting dengan Baiti. satu jam lewat. And dia bengang seminggu. Selama sejam dia makan 2 pinggan mee goreng mamak, roti canai and beberapa gelas air. I understand how she felt.Tau tak Masa itu Platinum?.

Harini I was busy too. Bangun pagi giler.Rushing to Taman Desa for another meeting at Baiti's house. We ate Domino's and Koko Krunch to fuel our brains because of the harsh brainstorming. At the end of the meeting I look at my watch and said dlm hati " Eh, ade can nak jumpa *?%*! ni.Boleh ajak dia pi PC Fair. So call la dia. Planning nak pegi PC fair.Dia cakap "ok!.6.30 ni". Saya punyalah excited sebab ade geng nak pi PC fair. Siap nak pi amik dia kat Damansara lagi. takut lambat, saya speed and potong queue orang. Hujan pun hujan la yang penting sampai before 6.30ptg. Sebab saya tahu dia sibuk. Sampai malam-malam buta buat drawing. Siang kena kerja bawah panas. Engineer** la katakan. Sebabtu taknak sangat rugikan masa dia.

Dah sampai depan rumah dia,call la dia " dah sampai cpt turun"

Dia cakap " straight p Damansara Damai pastu traffic light masuk kiri pastu bla bla bla"

Nak tau saya cakap apa? "babi ko!awat tak cakap awal2!" dalam hati la.
huhu.. saya yang baik hati ni pun cakap "ok".

dah gerak ke direction tu call dia lagi " dah smpai kat simpang..."

"patah balik.Kita pi lepak kat mamak tepi jalan rumah la"dia sambung balik.

"Kenapa tak ckp awal-awal?"

"Ni ha diaorg ni kemana tah diaorg ni nak makan"

"Huh,salahkan org lain plak,dah janji nak p pc fair ngan aku yg p janji ngan org lain pesal?" (dalam hati).

Dah sampai mamak tu dia tolong bukakkan pintu kereta. Konon gentleman la..
Dia cakap "tau dak PC Fair tutup pukul 9mlm?"

"tak tahu pun,so?"
"*%#$* Nak pegi esok ke?"

"Jam lagipun KL skrg mana smpt"

"Kalo mamcamtu takpelah,nak pegi PC Fair teruslah"

"la merajuk ke?"

"tak sbb byk sgt nak beli, K bye"

Actually saya patut je hambur perkataan babi,fuck,damn,bodoh kat dia sebab dia dah menyebabkan kerugian petrol saya dari Taman Desa ke Damansara ke Damansara damai dan ke Damansara balik.For your information Taman Desa tu kat Old Klang Road. Kawan-kawan sila kira berapa km sendiri. Dia telah membuat saya hampir accident kat jalan Kuching sebab slippery road.Dia telah membuang masa saya sebanyak 2 jam just nak jumpa dia 5 minit supaya dia cakap dia tak nak pegi and paling penting dia dah guriskan hati saya yang sensitif ini. Kalau saya lama lagi lepak dgn dia mesti dah menangis so lebih baik belah je dari tempat tu.

Korang pernah tak jumpa kawan sebaik macamni?.

and FYI, saya just amik masa 30 min dr tempat tu ke KLCC. Jam mender?
and PC fair tutup pukul 10 la bo*oh!
sempat la beli beberapa gadget penting. Nak duduk kat PC fair tu smpai sehari suntuk nak buat apa?kalo tak bli pape tak pyh pegi. buat sempit jalan je.
Ape? nak tahu latest tech?
tak tahu pakai Internet ke beb?

Hish! tak paham betul la. Kata takde masa tapi sebenarnya kan dia sendiri tak pandai manage masa. Saya pun sibuk nak handle business jugak tapi ade je masa kalo nak jumpa org penting.

And saya tahu dia takkan call nak say sorry sebab maybe dia pun tak sensitif and ingat ni biasa-biasa je or dia akan bagi alasan "tak topup lg"
hey bo*oh! kalo hp takde kdt turun la rumah p 7 eelevn top up!
nampak sangat ko tak kisah kan?
bosan la ngan ko ni!Aku taknak kawan ngan ko lagi!

Fuh! lega rasa lepas semua benda ni kat blog. Tapi esok mesti saya akan tunggu call dia.Tunggu macam orang gila.
I'm so stupid!.

Ok I dedicated this song for *&^%$. Give me a reason by The Corrs. Tapi Sayangku, kamu bagi a reason ke two reason ke saya boleh balas berpuluh-puluh solution. it's a matter of buat something tu sampai habis je.
Bo*oh! sebabtula saya couple dgn dia sbb kami sama-sama bo*oh.

Kadang-kadang terpikir, mcm saya sorang je yang berusaha nak bestkan relationship ni.
Aku layak dapat org lain yang lg bagus dari dia.

"damn it stupid brain""jgn pikir pape."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mencari environment baru

Are they any exciting things wondering around your life that maybe I could join like

  1. exciting Job offer in media industry such as assistant at female Magazine? News reader?
  2. New,interesting hobbies that you want to share?
  3. Anything brilliant in Malaysia property ?
  4. Making gazillion money business?
I'm just getting bored of my life.
Spread this to everyone you know.
Maybe I'm the one they're looking for.
Thanx my friend.

Someday kena belajar independent jugak

Menghitung hari... lebih kurang 10 hari lagi saya akan menduduki kondo baru.Still menyewa tapi dalam situasi yang berbeza.
I'm gonna rent alone this time.Yerr takde sape nak menyewa dgn saya lagi.

Saya pemalas...malas nak kemas rumah.
Suka sepahkan makanan...suka bagi semut makan.
I wake up late.
I sing Ashlee Simpson's merdu-ly cum irritatingly.

" You make me wanna lala in the kitchen on the floor.."
"Living in the shadow! someone else is dream.."
"Outta my Outta my head, get out of my head"

Did I say I'm lazy?
Sapela nak kawin dgn orang mcmni?

Forget about the crap/bad side of me..let's talk positively...

Starts dari 2 hari yang lepas Nabil meninggalkan rumah Zura(kitaorg menumpang kejap b4 masuk rumah baru masing-masing), I start to belajar bangun pagi.
I mean really early like 5 pm.Sorry 5am. Sebab saya tak pernah tidur sorang-sorang dalam rumah yang besar (bayangkan dark castle with bats and I am the only princess in the castle).
Ahad lepas pergi Carrefour beli barang-barang dapur (I can't believe myself!). Beli plastik sampah...
Tadi pagi kemas rumah (??!!)
and semut di rumah Zura were starving because they can't get their body around my Big Apple Donut's.

But I still sing Ashlee Simpson's.

Till jiran sebelah kanan datang rumah perkenalkan diri and tanya suara siapa yang merdu selalu nyanyi malam-malam.

Saya jawap "sape aek?tak pasan plak."

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dizzy oktavias

Suka sembang // suka org yg sayang padanya // suka ambil jln tengah // sangat menawan & sopan santun // kecantikan luar & dalam // tidak pandai berbohong & berpura-pura // mudah rasa simpati, baik & pentingkan kawan // sentiasa berkawan // hatinya mudah terusik tetapi merajuknya tak lama // cepat marah // macam pentingkan diri sendiri // tidak menolong org kecuali diminta // suka melihat dari perspektifnya sendiri // tidak suka terima pandangan org lain // emosi yg mudah terusik // suka berangan & pandai bercakap // emosi yg kelam kabut // daya firasat yg sangat kuat (terutamanya perempuan) // suka melancong, bidang sastera & seni // pengasih, penyayang & lemah lembut // romantik dlm percintaan // mudah terusik hati & cemburu // ambil berat tentang org lain // suka kegiatan luar // org yg adil // boros & mudah dipengaruhi persekitaran // mudah patah semangat

Yer, saya kuat merajuk

Saya kuat merajuk sebab

  1. Saya lahir bulan Oktober.
  2. Saya anak sulung.
  3. Mak ayah saya tak layan kalo saya merajuk.
  4. Nabil buat tak dengar kalo saya merajuk.
  5. BM marah kalau saya merajuk.
  6. Kak Emah lari kalau saya merajuk. (no.3,4,5,6 menyebabkan saya takde orang lain nak merajuk)
  7. Saya manja.
  8. Saya tak tahu nak citer masalah.
  9. Kalau citer masalah pun orang buat derk.
  10. Kalau sehari tak jumpa Pakcik mmg merajuk datang (+ gila sawan)
  11. Sebab dating kejap sangat.
  12. Ade orang lain potong line masa dating.
  13. Pakcik selalu cerita pasal nak pergi jauh. Nak pergi,pergi je laa. (refer no. 10)
Yang penting saya sorang je girlfriend Pakcik. ( as far as i know)
Pakcik sangat baik.
Pakcik sorang je layan merajuk saya.
Kalo saya tak merajuk dgn kamu, dgn sape lagi?.
Dunia ni akan jadi bosan tanpa kemerajukan saya.
Betul kan?kan?kan?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Al-Fatihah kepada Uncle Hamzah

Secara jujurnya,
selama hidup 23 tahun ni, aku tak pernah mengalami sesuatu yang sangat menyedihkan atau sangat menggembirakan. Normal. Just normal. Tapi di kiri kananku dikelilingi berita yang sangat menyedihkan dan sangat menggembirakan.Setiap hari aku dengar kawan-kawanku mengalami kejayaan demi kejayaan. Meor dah jadi Marquis. Syafiq dan Zaza pun dah nak mencapai gaji 5 angka.
Aku pulak bila?

Tak perlu jauh ke Gaza, semalam, ayah kepada kawanku telah meninggal dunia. Teringat dulu masa raya, 3 kali datang rumah dia. Dengan muka tak malu beberapa kali menghabiskan kek raya dan cuppacakes raya di rumah dia. Tapi paling menyeronokkan ialah apabila dapat bersembang dengan mak dan ayahnya. Ada sense of warmnest dalam family dia. Maybe because aku sendiri rindu dengan family aku di Kedah. Auntie sangat baik and caring,Uncle Hamzah sangat lawak and cool. Tak sangka dah tak dapat dengar lawak uncle lagi. Kalau aku sebagai orang luar and baru tiga kali berjumpa dengannya pun terasa dengan pemergiannya,apatah lagi orang yang setiap hari bersama dengannya.
Bila pulak masa aku?
Aku takut.Aku harap aku pergi dulu sebelum family aku pergi. Sebab aku rasa, aku tak sanggup nak menghadapi kesedihan itu.

I miss my dad. Aku tak pernah buat dia gembira apatah lagi bangga. Aku harap aku tak terlambat membalas jasa dia yang sangat-sangat-sangat tak ternilai. 1000 tahun aku takkan cukup balas.

Ixa, Dik E. I'm not a good example to you to give any advise. I cannot tell you to be strong as I know I'm not strong enough too if I'm on your situation.

I am myself is so dumb to do anything.
Just mampu sedekahkan Doa untuk Uncle Hamzah.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Tersesat kejap...

Last night was a turning point for me.
Solat Istikharah kerana aku tak pasti dengan pilihan aku.
Alhamdulillah..Allah S.W.T dah tunjuk yang mana betul.
Aku redha.
Apa yang aku perlu buat sekarang is terima hakikat and terus maju kehadapan.
Ubah apa yang aku dah rosakkan.
tetapkan GPS ke arah jalan yang benar. Jalan yang aku terpesong sekejap.
Sorry mummy daddy..
Minta Maaf Sayangku...
Ampunkan dosaku ya Allah..hambamu ni tak layak meminta keampunanmu.

Hei..aku tak buat benda jahat la.jangan pikir bukan2 ok.
Nope. tak minum,tak amik,tak buat pape. I'm not that bad.

Aku just tersilap arah.Banyak rehatla katakan. Sel otak pun dah berkurang. kesian dia...
Nasib baik dia sabar...

Sekarang aku just thinking,apa yang perlu aku buat utk betulkan balik mindset dia terhadap aku. He might think I'm a shallow,always-blaming,bodoh punya perempuan.
I'm not like that! I'm sorry. Maybe I just started to get bored with you.
We need something to spice things up...and that's just not from me. It's must be from both of us. I don't want us to live liveless. I don't wanna caught dead as nobody in this world.
Kwn2 tolong pikir jap for us...

Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm planning on going to Sipadan Island

Whoever read this must be saying "takkan jadi punya!"
Yela nak ke Batu Layar,Johor (dekat nak mampus) pun tak jadi.
Sori yer kawan-kawan masatu memang busy sangat-sangat.

So, senang je kali ni bercuti ke Sipadan Island taknak ajak sesapa.Nak pegi sensorang. Nanti tak jadi tak nyusahkan orang lain. Lagipun kalau pi sorang2 ade can nak jumpa orang-orang baru.Yapedi!!.

Sekarang apa yang perlu buat is :

  1. Tanya orang pi sabah kena pakai passport tak
  2. Renew passport (kalo pi Sabah kena pakai passport)
  3. search kat internet ape best kat sana.Snorkelling bla bla bla
  4. Beli baju sesuai nak ke pantai
  5. Tunggu MATTA Fair this 13-15 March at PWTC. Nak tgk promotion best.
Orait, kalini mesti berusaha capai short term target.

Sipadan! ko tunggu aku datang!...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Got tagged by Momo

1. Go to your photos folder in your computer.

2. Go to the 6th folder of photos.

3. Go to the 6th picture in that folder.

4. Put the picture on your blog and description of it.

5. Invite six friends to join the challenge.

6. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

In memory : Jen, me, Hariry and Acap

I would like to tag :

  1. Jihani
  2. Im
  3. Apai
  4. Epy
  5. Ejam
  6. Izza
  7. Izzah

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Follow up of the last entry

last entry paling banyak comment pernah saya dapat.Kalo bercerita pasal cinta amboi amboi korang suka sokmo yer.siap nak tolong rekomenkan.TQ kpd sapa2 yg komen and offer diri and org lain utk jadi bf saya.huhu.

And Yes,Jae I want u!kui kui.
Tapi takpe.Jangan kesiankan saya sahabat-sahabatku sekelian.Kenapa nak kesiankan orang yang takde partner? We do live as happy as the other who found their other half.

Actually, it's wrong if we wait somebody to makes us happy. We ourselves have to make ourself happy. Other people just add the happiness in our life.

So. I'm happy. Besides, a very very special person just added extra sugar in my life.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


bosan!!! aku nak bf.
tapi kalo aku ada bf mesti takkan berkembang hidup aku ni.
kalo aku hidup indie, aku boleh hidup berdasarkan apa yang aku nak selama ni
tapi aku bosan.takdak sapa nak sembang.
So, moral of the story
Dating dengan ramai lelaki.
sbb kalo dating je takde komitmen.
haih, budak ni
bila nak grow up.
aku rasa aku nak buat ta'aruf je la
or terima apa pilihan mak aku nanti
..nanti masa umur aku 25.
sekarang kena kerja keras.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Siape pernah ke Bt Layar, Kota Tinggi?

I'm going there this 31.2-2.2.09.

Confirm attendance :

  1. Dai
  2. Apai
  3. awek Apai
  4. Im
  5. Epy
  6. Remy
ade sesapa tertinggal?

dalam masa beberapa hari lagi ni, marilah kita sama-sama planning the best activities there.
Sesiapa yang pernah ke sana silalah comment and tell your experience there to me. Bad ke best punya experience ke.
Diyana tak kisah.
Sebab saya dah lama tak bercuti.
I mean setiap ari I cuti and setiap ari jugak I keje.
I just don't have a real vacation.

Hai, saya Dyana saya nak kenal ngan awak.

Suatu tengahari di kawasan Batu caves

dia : Hai, sorang je ke?

Saya : (sambil memerhati sekeliling) ade orang lain ke slain saya kat sni?

dia : tanya je, dah tengok awak sorang2.

Saya : lain kali tanyala soalan pandai skit.(sambil tersenyum)

dan dia pun tersengih sambil berlalu malu

Suatu malam di dalam kereta

dia : woi, bawak kete slow-slow boleh dok?reckless driver btul la

Saya : reckless driver pun, lesen saya tak kena tarik mcm sesetengah orang tu

dia: eeeii dia nia..astaghfirullah sambil memegang tasbih. Cuba dai rasa jantung ni berdegup mcm nak mati dah ni (sambil menarik tangan kiri saya ke jantungnya)

Saya : Tak rasa berdosa ke pegang tangan pmpuan?( dengan muka kewl nak mampus)

dia: eeii..astaghfirullah sabar-sabar.

Eh chup, diaorg tgh mengayat ae?
WOW! hebatnya..macamtu rupanya mengorat org.
hampeh tul kenapala aku leh tak penah perasan.
Tapi rasanya dulu penah terperasan
tapi silap signal.
MALU beb..
agaknya selepas kejadian tu terus trauma..
tu la lain kali nak ngorat cakap terus ke titik ( straight to the point)

bowsan asyik nak memahami ayat tersirat.