Saturday, May 30, 2009

1 month and 6 months and going strong

It's been a month I've moved to my new apartment.

Nice comfy place to stay for a single lady. A bachelorette pad for my friends.
2 rooms : a bedroom and a walk-in wardrobe. A kitchen I hardly use. A dining room converted to my little office plus next month A 29" TV will be added to the pad. Hope my works didn't get distrupted by the new addition.

And it's been half year already my life is disturbed by my other half. Though I made a shock decision on moving nearer to him. So near that I can knock his door and borrow his salt. Not that I do any cooking nor having a stove.

I learned a lot within this days of being much more alone. No housemates/roommates. I think what Leighton Meester's said " We grow up much more when we are alone" are kind of true. I mean, my housemate used to cook for me whether Nasi Goreng or just a Maggi. Now I need to find food for myself or I get starved.

Something like know.

I am now more grown up..thought a bit mellow than before. I'm a homebody now. If I get bored, I just go upstairs and watch TV and use internet at my Other Half's house.

Going strong, ahead of my life I want to resolute smaller ambition. One by one till it grow bigger. I used to dream big and start big. It takes a lot of energy, times and sometimes I didn't win.
Today onwards I want to start resolute my dream with persistent, hard work from small to the biggest I can be.

I want to start with cooking.
Buy stoves and cookbooks and steal some recipes from my mum.
Then buy an oven and learn to bake cuppacakes maybe any chances from Ixa?
Who knows after these little steps I'll be Malaysia's Martha Stewart someday.

Then learn how to expand my business...

and learn theories how to be great in bed... Cosmopolitan gives me free advices. The Practical after marriage though. hee...

and learn how to do a closing of a post coz I don't know how to stop writing now.


e.K said...

then i wonder who bake the cake, the one u bring for GL gathering!!!

damn...I should knew it. U brought it at ah fatt cake house!!No wonder!

anyway, feel welcome to my new "home"

Dyana/Nadia/Dai/dizzy said...

that cake I made for 12 hours flat,4 times hangus 2 times tak cukup sedap and u said I bought it at some unknown bakery! how could u!
I hate u!

anyway, dah link ur new " home"
asal tkar rumah lak?