Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello everybody,my kitten is dead

What a co-incident, Just this morning I boasted about myself caring for a kitten and by evening he dead!.

This will be put in the "Genius Dyana World of Record" under the tittle "The shortest lived pet".2 days.

People. Please don't try to break my record.

I can imagine what the frontpage of The Star gonna be like.

"R.I.P Sayangku-Dyana break the record again"
Damansara- Sayangku, the unnamed kitten of the Freedom Fighter, Diyana Nadiah Tojiman was caught dead on her living room yesterday evening. A reliable source said that Sayangku which Dyana took as a pet for just only 2 days was diagnosed of malnutrition and anorexic. During the last two days of living with the former star of blogspot, he loss appetite and become skinnier. Dyana commented it as " tiada jodoh". Yet many of her friends said that the kitten was following Dyana's footsteps. Dyana is seen less eating and more skeletony than ever. These also prove that human and animal are both different hence leads to many questions about the controversial of Darwin Theory which said that Human is originated from Chimpanzee.

Bye, got some digging job to do.