Wednesday, July 30, 2008

BM Team

Had a conversation with Rasyid just now.
He said he wants to write but don't have any idea.
I have ideas but so lazy to write.
So I just send a pic to ponder.
la la la la la la la.
Freedom know what I want to say right?
Our mindset and attitude are so parrarel now.
I believe miracle can happen because
We make things happen
We don't see things happen

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How much will you pay for a glimpse of your future?

2 hari aku tak tidur
2 hari aku tak makan nasi
2 hari lagi aku baru planning nak tidur and makan nasi

Believe me if you can see a glimpse of your future
you can't sleep and eat well.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Funny Story From a New Qualified Teacher

This story was told to me from my friend's first day teaching experience.

I = the teacher a.k.a Syed.

It is my first day of teaching.I'm not interested because I'm gonna teaching sek. rendah students instead of Sek. Men. who is more ermm appropriate to my kind of teaching. See I'm not a typical teacher who always suka amik ati students.

Btw, dari pagi tadi, I cannot stand the noise..I hate it. The sounds of budak-budak menjerit,menangis.I always doubt I could be a great teacher because I doubt I will be a good one either.

So, I'm in my first class.I hope the noise will be gone.
But the noise....
it's getting noisier
and noisier
I can't stand it anymore
but, I'm scared to tell them to be quiet
It's gonna blow..

Syed : SHUT DOWN!!!!

instantly everyone was quiet and confused.
Maybe I should say shut up rather than shut down.(gugup punya pasal)

Kita semua kena faham..

Yang hidup ini kita yang tentukan.

bukan mak ayah

cewek cowok

cikgu cikgi


Sebab, hidup ini untuk kita.

Remember, you live only once

SO be a Legend

Fight la untuk masa depan anda yang cerah itu..

Mesej ini untuk saya dan Freedom Fighters tersayang.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I hate

  1. I hate people who tell me what to do like they don't trust me to do the job on my own. Cthnya: " I want you to call her in front of me,right now"What da fuck?!!(masa ni kes aku langgar keta org,calar je pun nak mintak 3 rat)
  2. I hate people yang putar-belit cerita just to escape from being accused of their wrong.*%^& la ko!
  3. I hate people who just go with the flow.Bodohla..hidup ni ko punya..bukan flow punya.
  4. I hate people who said money is not everything. (So, yang ko mintak duit kat mak ko setiap hari tu pehal beb?
  5. I hate people who always menyusahkan aku sebab dia selalu lupa jalan, lupa letak barang kat mana,lupa bangun pagi,lupa,lupa,lupa.
  6. I hate people who always stare at my face(ko tak pernah jumpa alien ke?)
  7. I hate people who berlagak bila berjaya.

FYI, these are against all the Laws of Attraction.So,

  1. I love people who tell me directions and give me their believe in my own responsibility.
  2. I love people who talk straight to the point and honest.
  3. I love people who always planning for their future.
  4. I love MONEY.and MONEY MONEY MONEY from ABBA.
  5. I love people who always know how to lead.
  6. I love people who always compliment my suit and tudung lilit.
  7. I love people who humble.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daddy's coming to City

My Daddy's coming to KL tonight!

Me and Asy gonna see him when he's arrived

Yeay! rindu Daddy dah setengah tahun tak jumpa (ni dasar anak derhaka ni)



Me with the Gilas.Yippies!

Me and Razly..rasanya masa ni lum mandi ( but still cute kan?kan?)

Boleh tahan HOT girl belah kiri sekali tuh

FYI,this is my blog,and I can do anything I want.lalalalala

Saturday, July 12, 2008

BM ku sayang

No,this is not a lesbian post and I'm not gonna copy daniazz6383 punya blog (yuck! sorry yuck! again)..
It's just I want to tell you how much I admire and respect the woman who really help me out getting out of "kepompong seorang perempuan lemah".
The first one to say "atleast you're much better and more unique than any other students"
Help me go through all the way to freedom
The one who I always make her sad

and angry

and down


BM sorry..

Bila Freedom Fighters melompat

Atas: gambar melompat tatkala gembira sudah smpai ke Cherating
Bawah gambar atas : Gambar melompat tatkala gembira menjumpai tangga ajaib


Get Set...


Friday, July 11, 2008

Rock Climbing vs Paintball

(Perbualan dalam msg hp)

Dai : Weh,dari kita p rock climbing yang akan membahayakan ko, apa kata kita p main paintball?at least lebam-lebam je.RM 150 per game kat PJ.
(ni ayat untuk menyelamatkan aku dr fobia rock climbing)

Emie : hmm..ok gak.Rock Climbing bp?

Emie : tapi kalo nak p pun maybe dlm 2 minggu lagi sbb after perlis aku kena g kemaman and JB

then,bateri kong

Dai : RM 5 only tapi kalo takde gear harga lain plak,Boleh tahan mahal.
(ni ayat aku gak untuk menyelamatkan diri)

Emie : owh,tapi aku nak try rock climbing dulu.Nanti kalo aku balik kl kita jumpa n discuss k.

Dai : Owh ok.Kat umah aku plg susah kat Nyamuk,plg senang kat Damai.
(ayat nak tukar mindset dia)

Emie:Kat umah aku plg susah kat Nyamuk,plg senang kat Damai <---mender ko ngarut ni beb?

Dai : maksudnya,tempat rock climbing plg susah,nama tmpt tu Nyamuk,plg senang kat Damai.

Dai :lamanya ko pegi outstation.Cepatla skit balik.

EMie : K lh ak cbe...kalo nk cpt ko tlg lh aku uat

Dai : tlg loading kete mewah ke weh?aku teror weh bab2 tuh!

Emie : Ye lh..ak bobok dlu lh..bsk nk keje lg..

Dai : Bobok?
(mcm dah takde harapan dah nak tukar mindset dia)

Emie : tido la

Dai : haha bhs jawa?haha gelak aku sakit hempedu aku.

Emie : Ylh..glak lh..

so nanti aku kenala melawan fobia aku.
Semoga berjaya Dai.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Then We Seperated

Makan-makan Nasi lemak and Char Kuey Tiau at Mali's Corner

Ghosthunting around Bukit Tunku

Jalan-jalan area Hartamas

Round-round KL

Berlari-larian kat Titiwangsa

sampai 5.30 pagi

That's the result after I messaged them back..after we separated.
best giler nak mampus.Every weekend macam ni kan best.

But this weekend cannot la. I'm busy at the office, Edy and Zul busy with frieght fowder thingy and Emie outstation to Kemaman and Johor.

Next week pun busy..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

suka ati aku la

Suka atila aku nak buat blog aku mcmana,ni blog aku...
suruh aku buat blog universal plak...
untuk smua org...
ko nak baca blog universal p baca Noktah Hitam.
Blog aku ada tujuan sndiri..
kenapa aku emo ni?
Memang *%#$@%* la laki tu

Then Edy Call

I forgot I already janji nak tgk wayang ngan dia n his friends.But I have a convention that night.Tak smpat. So we just smbg2 kat Al-Esfan.Ha..haritu sembang plg best di dunia..ilmu baru..saya belajar pasal

Freight Fowder.

Mender tuh?
Tak paham gak tapi dengar cam best.Macam kalo nak import barang ke,so guna service Freight Fowder which is a very profitable business kalo kat Port Klang. Sebab saya ni selalu kna amik masa yg lama untuk pahamkan. Takpe2 next time pegi rock climbing ngan diaorg boleh tanya lagi. Kot-kot boleh tolong loading kereta mewah ke best gak kan Edy?Emie?Zul?.huhu.

Then we seperated

Monday, July 7, 2008

Memoirs of Dyana

These memoirs was written in my car while waiting for someone...

These few days was cray-zeee.I was sick. I had sore throat and running nose.
It was horrible.

On saturday, I have a meeting with Raze's,BM's and BI's team to coordinate a postcamp this 20th.I was picked as Treasurer/Registration . I've never done it before that's why I'm really excited. I want to do it really well. As the meeting ended they all together watch Wanted.

I already watched it TWICE.So I decided to lepak ngan Team Ipoh.Ada Sham,Mat,Usop,Afiq,Shahril and geng lain.And I'm the only one girl.Nasib baik my PR is good.huhu. I love when they talk about Ipoh. and the mentality of Ipoh people. So diff then in KL.

Then Edy call..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Buat Baik dibalas baik kan?

azrieizham Hamzah: ade maxis broadband?
dizzy: ader
azrieizham Hamzah: nak pinjam!
dizzy: bile
azrieizham Hamzah: esok sehingga ahad
dizzy: 3 hari boleh mati tak online tu
azrieizham Hamzah: oh
azrieizham Hamzah: kami pon
azrieizham Hamzah: please :(
dizzy: haha
dizzy: ok
azrieizham Hamzah: ahad petang dah leh pulangkan
azrieizham Hamzah: kak dai pegi la jalan2 **********
dizzy: haha
dizzy: yer yer
azrieizham Hamzah: yey
azrieizham Hamzah: malam ni ek amik
dizzy: ha mlm ni?
dizzy: esok pg2 boleh?
dizzy: akak tgh mendownload sebuah file yg sgt besar skrg
azrieizham Hamzah: esok pagi2?
azrieizham Hamzah: pagi2 esok kul 6 dah berangkat ke perak
azrieizham Hamzah: :(
dizzy: hmmm
dizzy: jap nak pikir
azrieizham Hamzah: jgn fikir wat je
azrieizham Hamzah: :D
dizzy: ha btul
dizzy: so akak decide
dizzy: bagi mlm ni
azrieizham Hamzah: yey
azrieizham Hamzah: sayang akak
azrieizham Hamzah: buat baek dibalas baek
dizzy: yes i know
dizzy: haha
dizzy: mlm ni aek
azrieizham Hamzah: :*
dizzy: hehe

So J.CO satu dozen yer Azrey. Merci beaucoup! haha

P/s : disebalik kepoyoan ,ada jugak sifat baik aku ya...

I know you gonna miss me

I will not update my blog/online at YM/friendster/myspace/facebook and any related stuff with internet tonight till sunday because..

I...I..I...I..I tak dapat nak online la

to Tengku Kudin : Don't miss me I know you gonna miss me anyway..but don't plz don't

to Geng Freedom
Fighters : You guys not gonna see me poyo-ing in my blog.So see me poyo at the ofc

to stalker blog ni : don't stop stalking. I love it.

to Dyana : stop jadi poyo plz la I know u try ur best but plz la

High! High! kalah Ecstasy

I'm gonna be at Hard Rock Hotel,Kuta beach Bali this October.
Yeay! Yeay! (sambil melompat-lompat cam org gile).
Geng Freedom Fighters, kamu smua akan pegi kan?.
No,kamu wajib pegi..inilah the first time kita
bercuti tanpa perlu menghadiri training.
Just relax and have tons of fun.

Ni bilik yang akan aku tido smpai pagi besoknyer,

tapi taktau la sempat tidor ke tak,rugi ar tido je,baik pegi bersosial hehehe,tambah ilmu dan pengalaman..betul dak kwn-kwn?

Amaran untuk Geng Freedom Fighter

Jangan bagi bocor rahsia Dai suka giler-giler kat CM Ash.

Jangan bocor rahsia Dai wordless di depan dia.

Jangan bocor rahsia Dai sebenarnya jealous kat dia.

Jangan bocor rahsia Dai nak jadi lebih baik dari dia.

Kalau bocor,jaga korang(sambil membeliakkan mata dan menunjukkan gigi bersiong Dai)


P/s: kalo Ash masuk sni mmg mampus la Dai. Mmg Die!

Saya nak sembuh

Saya mengalami sakit tekak yang serious.So,
Saya mencampurkan essential oil Eucalyptus dan Chypre untuk dipasang dengan Lampe Berger saya.

Saya mengalami kegatalan pada kulit.So,
Saya mengoleskan Body milk Eucalyptus di kulit saya.

Saya sendiri gatal.So,
Saya memberanikan diri bersembang and jadi outstanding depan Ash.

Owh berdebar-debar hati ini..oh sangat gatal.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

T-shirt Freedom Fighter

I was browsing t-shirts and stuffies at Super Sunday Concept Store yesterday with Safura.

Saw some OMG! t-shirts and my favourite Our Happiness t-shirts and

" What tha #%*$!"

T-shirt Freedom Fighter!?!

terkejut sampai tanya siapa yang design, duk mana,kedai kat mana,belaja mana kat adik yang jaga store tu.

Adik tu pun kasi la sticker yang lead me to this site.

Adha's Tshirt

But,maybe the freedom he designed on the t-shirt is different with my kind of freedom

Adha pun ada design t-shirt Tribute to Sichuan Earthquake Victim ("Adha ni t-shirt charity ae?)

P/S huhu, baru berimpian nak design t-shirt jenama Freedom Fighter...oh well.