Friday, July 17, 2009

Dyana on the next best thing by Hulallalana Rancid

" Kama" starring Ejam Wave, Dyana, Remy, Oppie and Im.
" I've moved on"

That's what Dyana said when asked to comment about the death of her first pet , she nicknamed Sayangku.

"What past is still past and like I said "tiada jodoh" between us but the experience living with him is unforgettable. For the first time I miss my beauty sleep just to be with him."said Dyana.
She also realised Sayangku's sudden loss of appetite is as the result of her own destructive diet.
She added, " On that time, I didn't know that my daily diet is a follower to any of my fans or animals. I didn't know that Sayangku was following my diet. For me, different body eats different kind of meal. I'm still energetic even I don't have proper meal for a week but not everybody can stand like I do.
Whatever the reason she gave, she loss 3 Kgs on the first week dieting for her role in Kama .
"Surreen Anjit ( director of Kama) had asked me to loss some weight for the role. The drama is the follow-up of the blockbuster of "Kami".I will play the role of Dizzy/Izzie the split-personality girl. Izzie is a reserved,workaholic girl and responsible to her family while on the otherside of her Dizzy is a bad girl who do anything that spells rebel. The best part is I will be acting with my long lost friends. I miss them. I can't recall when was the last time I met them."
When asked about her love life, she said,
" I've loss my pet that I took care for just 2 days. Any mother will be scared if I married their son. I could be risking the life of their granchildren after just 2 days."giggling.

with fellow acts of Kama while preparing for the first take of the drama.

"Kama" will be aired 9 September 09 on Akasia TV 3.