Monday, June 8, 2009

Too Many Mindsets, So little brain cells to swallow.

Well, as so typically as everyone knows, Mother-daughter relationship is weird. Especially mine. We always fought for everything because we see the world in two difference eyes but always reconcile back when fashion and gossips come. I love fashion and detest gossipping but with my mum I think it's not a sin at all. One time we were fighting when I tell her I want to work in KL so much yet she really wanted me to work as a lecturer at kedah. But we forget all the tense when a fashion ad appear on the TV we were watching while fighting. The next minute we are BFF talking about where we want to do facials and shopping.

Yesterday, in our car to Parkson,my mum criticised me for being in too many jobs at the same time. I don't call them jobs. I call them my passions / dreams. She said it takes all the times I need to rest and times I need to learn baking cakes. (When did I tell her I want to learn that?).

I ended our "tikam lidah" by saying : "Mummy, kalo mummy datang KL, akak selalu je ada masa nak kuar ngan mummy".


I know I hurt her feeling.

Mummy, sorry sangat-sangat but Akak cannot run my life like yours

But 15 minutes later,

me : " Mummy, cantiknya baju ni Mi, nampak cam vintage jer!"

mummy :"Macam baju mummy masa muda-muda ja.P la try yang hitam ni nampak elegant"

me : " yang kaler pink ni cantik ar Mi,""akak nak yang ni Mi,akak p try naih" lalu terus menerpa ke fitting room.( tak malu tua-tua mintak mak belanja)

mummy : ( selepas keluar dr fitting room) "amikla, kalo akak pakai cantikla. mummy pakai nampak cam apa lagi.Segan mummy. Orang tengok semacam".

me : "Biaq pi la orang nak tengok kita.Yang penting yakin mi. Mummy amikla yang hitam tu. baru geng."

mummy : " mana ada saizla..nak tak baju ni? lepaih ni nak p cari beg plak kat ataih"


Mummy, you're the best and I love you.

This post is too late for Mother's day isn't it?