Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Craving mishap

Yesterday I was craving for Cadbury's Choc bar. I searched for 3 grocery stores for it but failed. Lastly, I stopped at a Caltex and found the one. When I opened it, I cried so loud. I hate Caltex!.

My newest project : kids

For my old and new friends who wondering what I'm doing now for my living, I am a full time Real Estate Negotiator. I help sell properties and my expertise are in lands and bungalows. All my listings are compiled in one blog, Hartanah Dyana.

Other than that, I'm running my own blog boutique at Pretty-Tasty. I sell pre-loves many are from my friends who sent their stuffI for me to sell. This coming Aidilfitri, I'll be selling lovely-lovely cotton-material baju kurung. Tunggu yer..

And other than that, I'm a happy tuition teacher for pre-school, primary and secondary. I want to open a tuition centre soon as my numbers of students are getting bigger. Average 10 students entered every month. I think parents (and of course my students) love the tuition because of my different kind of teachings and approaches. Well, tips from both of my parents are effective I guess.

Last 2 days, some of my students and I took pictures of us. We will used it to write essays about the pictures. Check us out!.

my primary students : Iskandar, Azam and Adham

my pre-school students

Ziyad Putra found me boring

I don't think I'm a boring person. People easily in love with me on first meet. Any mother adores me. Any guy found me friendly. But this guy obviously show me his boring face on the first time I hold him.

Tengok la muka dia, bengang tul!.

me with my nephew, Ziyad Putra 5 months old

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dyana on the next best thing by Hulallalana Rancid

" Kama" starring Ejam Wave, Dyana, Remy, Oppie and Im.
" I've moved on"

That's what Dyana said when asked to comment about the death of her first pet , she nicknamed Sayangku.

"What past is still past and like I said "tiada jodoh" between us but the experience living with him is unforgettable. For the first time I miss my beauty sleep just to be with him."said Dyana.
She also realised Sayangku's sudden loss of appetite is as the result of her own destructive diet.
She added, " On that time, I didn't know that my daily diet is a follower to any of my fans or animals. I didn't know that Sayangku was following my diet. For me, different body eats different kind of meal. I'm still energetic even I don't have proper meal for a week but not everybody can stand like I do.
Whatever the reason she gave, she loss 3 Kgs on the first week dieting for her role in Kama .
"Surreen Anjit ( director of Kama) had asked me to loss some weight for the role. The drama is the follow-up of the blockbuster of "Kami".I will play the role of Dizzy/Izzie the split-personality girl. Izzie is a reserved,workaholic girl and responsible to her family while on the otherside of her Dizzy is a bad girl who do anything that spells rebel. The best part is I will be acting with my long lost friends. I miss them. I can't recall when was the last time I met them."
When asked about her love life, she said,
" I've loss my pet that I took care for just 2 days. Any mother will be scared if I married their son. I could be risking the life of their granchildren after just 2 days."giggling.

with fellow acts of Kama while preparing for the first take of the drama.

"Kama" will be aired 9 September 09 on Akasia TV 3.

Hello everybody,my kitten is dead

What a co-incident, Just this morning I boasted about myself caring for a kitten and by evening he dead!.

This will be put in the "Genius Dyana World of Record" under the tittle "The shortest lived pet".2 days.

People. Please don't try to break my record.

I can imagine what the frontpage of The Star gonna be like.

"R.I.P Sayangku-Dyana break the record again"
Damansara- Sayangku, the unnamed kitten of the Freedom Fighter, Diyana Nadiah Tojiman was caught dead on her living room yesterday evening. A reliable source said that Sayangku which Dyana took as a pet for just only 2 days was diagnosed of malnutrition and anorexic. During the last two days of living with the former star of blogspot, he loss appetite and become skinnier. Dyana commented it as " tiada jodoh". Yet many of her friends said that the kitten was following Dyana's footsteps. Dyana is seen less eating and more skeletony than ever. These also prove that human and animal are both different hence leads to many questions about the controversial of Darwin Theory which said that Human is originated from Chimpanzee.

Bye, got some digging job to do.

Hey everybody,meet Sayangku

As my financial stabilized a bit this past few months I went to have a pet for myself. He/She sleeps like a baby especially after taking bath. At one time for the sake of 8 hours straight.He/She just wake up in the middle of the night to eat and drink.

Perfect timing huh..

Anyone got some suggestion on the kitten's name?
For now I just call Her/Him Sayangku.

Friday, July 10, 2009

hello there

I hope I can buy a new laptop soon or at least a desktop. Trips to cyber cafe everyday makes me sick. I have to wear make-up, iron my clothes and start my engine just to drive to 100m cyber cafe.

I Wish I can go there with just my pajamas.