Monday, June 30, 2008

Cherating's Splendid Star

sabar yer geng, ni baru appetizer

lawak giler nak mampus. sapa yang tak gelak tu mmg takde perasaan.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Azroy #4

Azroy : Woi.aku.nak.p.ulu.yam.mcmana.nak.p?

Dai : hang jumpa batu caves pastu straight lagi jumpa signboard ulu yam.masuk.

setengah jam after

Azroy :

Dai : aku pun taktau pinggiran kat hang mai giant gombak,tunggu kat petronas

setengah jam di dalam kereta

Azroy : hang tau kat mana ampangan ulu yam?

Dai : tak

last-last dia sndiri cari tempat tu

maka selesailah kerjaku sbg jurupandu hari ini.

Hidayah yang selalu ku lupa

Ingat tau, H-i-d-a-y-a-h
lepas ni jangan lupa lagi. It's not polite to forget names especially if you met 3 times already.
Moreover,she remembered me...malunyaa..
Hidayah,Razly's friend in high school.Like I just mention above we met at
  1. Hisyar's birthday
  2. KLCC
  3. my Office

I like her a lot because she's friendly, comfort to talk to and very polite

Hidayah, if you hang out with us slalu, sure you will understands why we choose to be a Freedom Fighter.

Can't wait to see her again

I miss my meeting with BM

I know she will get mad

I knew it the time I saw her face

I knew I must maintain my cute smile

and then she smiled "meeting dah habis,esok byr rm 250 for Jakarta"

I knew my gigi bersiong boleh mencairkan orang

BM I love you!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Before I go out

I want to be in a band

I want to write songs

I want to design clothes and t-shirts

I want to go to gigs everyday

I want to study French at Alliance Francaise

I want to go around the world

And all of it need money

Ting! (and mentol di atas kepala pun menyala)

Pardon my language

I was born in a place where people speaks English and Malay unfluently.
I was raised everywhere in this world where body language is far more important than any other languages.
I live in the millenium era where people often cakap rojak
so,pardon my's just me
I'll change steadily

Inspired by Jae : the newest Freedom Fighter

Ka Ching!

eh silap


tiba-tiba terinspired after sending msgs to Jae at his cbox

Apakah ciri-ciri seorang Freedom Fighter?

Financial Freedom

"Not everything is money, but everything out there is money"

Duit tak boleh beli kebahagiaan, tapi duit boleh digunakan untuk membayar pembedahan jantung ayah kamu

Time Freedom

Tak guna jugak kamu ada banyak duit tapi takde masa nak spend duit kamu....asyik sibuk memanjang..masa bila nak spend quality time with your loved ones?

Read Books and Latest News

"Before we get rich at the pocket,
get rich at the brain and heart first"

Always Planning and Talk About Future

  1. Create wishlists

  2. Make Vision boards

and tampal kat tempat yang kamu selalu nampak.

Always Enjoy Cycles of Life

Kalau kamu di bawah,senyum
tak guna bersedih sebab tak membawa apa apa
Kalau kamu di atas,senyum
sebab kamu berjaya mencapai matlamat anda

Always Think, Speak and Do Positive Things

Positivity brings positive vibes and positive thoughts
jangan cakap and tulis pasal benda yang tak positif.
cth ayat negatif ( saya taknak jadi gemuk)-kalo kamu taknak gemuk,kenapa cakap pasal gemuk lagi?
cth ayat positif ( saya nak jadi kurus)

Ada Idols

and buy their autobiographies

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sorak Borak EURO vs Lampe Berger

Sempena EURO 2008, Celcom menganjurkan..
Sorak Borak EURO yang disiarkan setiap 1.00 pagi – 2.15 pagi setiap kali sebelum perlawanan secara langsung disiarkan di TV3.

Nak tahu lebih sila baca ini.. Budiey's blog

back to yesterday's event,

I wasn't suppose to watch the Sorak Borak EURO or even Match between German and Turkey which the German won 3-2.

It's just yesteday it was really hard to sleep.

so I use lavender in my lampe berger because my friend said its oil could reduce insomnia.

and then I on my TV.

I saw them...quite a cute hunks MCing the Sorak Borak EURO.

Tabah Syazwan and Shaffique Ahmad Zehnon

It was really funny on how they conducted the show.They just looks like me and Razly when we both conducted Kelab Pop at Cherating last week. You have to see it for yourself.(I promote ni)

One segment in the show, they are a segment call reality game where participant must "menjadi pengulas sukan selama beberapa minit".Masa saya tgk tu ada dua org peserta..tapi yang tahu pemenangnya ialah Faizal Shah,tokey satay.

tapi nak citer kat korang ar show ni mmg best/lawak/penuh info giler..sampai saya nak tulis dalam BI pun tak terlepas..

Before the match starts,I was already sleeping..

I wonder is it because of the lampe Berger or the Sorak Borak EURO?

P/S : I googled the match result and all the reviews.I can talk about it like I was watching it.huhu

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome the new freedom fighter!

WANI is the next freedom fighter to blog after siblings duo IZZAH and AZREY and DYANA(saya la tu!)

tapi blog WANI yang lepas is before dia menjadi seorang freedom fighter.So..wait for her changes and latest post!

I'm just a Little Miss Obsessive

Wonder what's the connection with me being a freedom fighter (ting !tong!)

Am I the reason why you tossed and turned last night?
Everything's such a blur, it didn't come out right.
All of the sudden it's cold and we're falling apart.
No this can't be, please don't leave me alone in the dark.

I've never been a fan of long good-byes.
I'm at the finish line and you're just way too far behind.
In the morning I got in a fight with myself, I got the bruises to prove it.
Then I swallowed your words and spit them right back out.

It's like a fairy tale without a happy ending
But then again maybe we are just pretending.
Why does it have to be so unfair? Tell me that you care.

And I guess we're really over, so come over, i'm not over it.
Late night you make me feel like i'm desperate, I'm not desperate.
Oh, a little bit possessive, little miss obsessive, can't get over it. No.

eeiii geramnya!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cologne baru saya

Namanya (jaga lidah kamu kang berbelit)..Edouard Pinaud La Matinale
baunya segar Green Tea.
price : RM 250
I bought 8 of its brand with diff smells.
tak penah dengar kan?
haha saya suka kalo bau saya tak sama ngan org lain..
k saya nak ciao ke ofc (with my new smell)
Ciau sin chi!
P/S: saya dah bersemangat balik!

birthday Hisyar $1000

Sejarahnya Hisyar teringin sangat nak membuat birthday party bertemakan masquerade semasa kecik-kecik.

Sekarang setelah 24 thn, impiannya pun tercapai..

I wore this mask on his birthday..rose tu Bobo kasi semasa kami menari.wiwiiwi
"Bobo ko memang best giler !"

stay tune for more piccas.

After food and chocz

Razly Bf BI melarang saya memakan chocz (after i've told him I have choc for breakfast everyday )
dia suruh saya minum jus epal n makan epal hijau

Saya pun mengikut sbb dia abang and banyak berpengalaman dlm bidang farmasi.
Paling penting I really start to take care of myself
Dulu sy slalu amik tak kisah pasal diri..
sebab kalo de masalah of course everybody will back up me
"tapi harini kna mkn choc la Bang"

and pardon me for my previous post.That was so not me...

Diyana cepat bersemangat!

dalam ke-down-an saya di rumah,
Ana pun menjadi penyelamat
dia memperkenalkan saya dengan buku ini

macam buku The secret by Rhonda Byrne tapi...kna baca habis baru boleh bezakan

yang penting buku ni telah menaikkan semangat

thx Ana!Thx Razly!

Sekarang ni..

Harini banyak have no time

1. Nak hantar dobi -bukan malas nak membasuh tapi baju yg tak basuh dah so macam bukit(sebab tak smpt balik rumah bz ngan birthday hisyar and cherating)

2. nak pos laju barang to my daddy(daddy sorrry suppose smlm tapi tak jumpa pos ofc kat sni,petang ni akak pos kat klcc yer,dkt ngan ofc akak)

3. nak kemas rumah-bilik ni dah macam kedai baju

4. tgh tunggu Alap send gambar to Azrey so that Azrey boleh masukkan ke Multiply so that saya boleh amik gambar tu masuk blog saya

papepun blog tak best tanpa gambar

5. petang dah kena shoot to KLCC..harini ada kes yang mesti diselesaikan

banyak keje ni..
but still i'm stuck in my house in front of my laptop..damn

Dyana...kamu mmg tak pandai nak manage masa
bila tak pandai manage masa,kamu menyusahkan orang lain
sebabtu org benci kamu
hehe ada paham?

freedom fighter yg tgh down
(she needs foods and chocs)

Friday, June 13, 2008

been busy lately

I'm online at my friend's house Wahida
We've all 10 people practicing hard for Hisyar's birthday party
yeap we're dancing

crazy twos

lagu Phantom of the opera and 4 minutes by Justin Timberlake/Madonna

It's gonna be a blast!

I'm free after next week

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ni yang nak nangis ni

I cross upon this video when I'm blog hoping..

It makes me cry
It makes me cry twice because I saw the kasih-sayang between "bapak n anaknya yang dah lama terpisah"
It makes me cry thrice because I hadn't hug like that long before...
to make me cry that I'm so hati kering before
Now I'm hati basah..someone plzz hug me


Monday, June 9, 2008

He's always reminded me of things would happen one year after

I met my friend from Hong Kong today. He was supposed to be here yesterday but because of the massive flooded in Hong Kong, almost 455 flights were delayed.He said the flood was so bad till cover the rooftop..of the car(he was trying to be fani here coz we're all think the rooftop of the house)

About the newly-rise petrol price,he said people in Hong Kong pay RM 7 per litre but soon it will rocketed to USD 160 per barrel.

Moreover,there was a sign that bird flu will come back again to HK and there are already prepared to demolish the already-exsistence chicken in the market.Not only that,they also stop all the imported alive bird to HK.

and tomorrow (Monday) he predicts the Hang Seng index will drop to 3-5%

See, we Malaysian are still lucky...

Back to his story, he has a 4 and a half year daughter. His wife wants to enroll his daughter to the best international school in HK. He said " go on and find her the best school and I go out and make some money"
S0 his wife make some research and found it. But this school is bukan "senang-senang kamu kaya ja kamu dapat masuk"..your daughter have to be interviewed by them.

A 4 and a half year you already got an interview mae?so after you got after u got the interview, u have to pay RM 300 thousand( that will not confirm she will get in)
His daughter get into the school at last..this is lucu,

belajar 2 setengah jam sehari je,

9 bulan setahun,

pay rm 72,000 per year


but after he went to the school, he saw why it is so expensive.
He said" I would sell my yacht to let my daugher to get in there"..

Didn't he scared?ye la dah ekonomi tak stabil skrg..

"I'm ready,I'm ready,I'm ready...did I tell you a year ago there will be a high-rise price in oil?"
He did..I kinda forgot after that..but I'm ready too.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Harga petrol naik?

Hmm mari kita tengok cara budak berumur 20 tahun berfikir..
Sematang kita yang dah tua ni tak?

Adik E's latest pos click here!

P/S : Hai Dai,kata nak bersiap ke Summit?

Mornin' Chendol! I mean guys

Assalamualaikum and Selamat pagi..
Today is a record for me where for the first time as I remembered that I wake up so early on weekends and mandi secara rela hatinya..

In other news,

Sedap kan?I rasa nak balik ke Penang after work today and eat some Chendol!
RM 1.80 only!lagi murah dari seliter petrol kita..

K nak get ready to Summit.Ciao mates!Jumpa malam nanti

BOLA ke SAYA lagi best?

Sila bulatkan dengan menggunakan mousse

a. semestinya saya
b. semestinya bola
c.tak dapat nak pilih
d.tak nak pilih


a. Kamu mmg sayang saya,tapi kamu ni perempuan
b, Kamu lelaki, I hate you and the bola
c. Kamu ni dua alam
d.Kamu bukan manusia,manusia kena buat keputusan.

P/S: ini past time seorang freedom fighter kalau dia tak pegi fight.
Sweet nightmare!

Think big by Nabil

Nabil yang berdiri tu..

It's been a long time I haven't chit chat with Nabil.

Who's Nabil?

She's a beatiful and skinny girl/woman , who love fashion so much who took Master in Physics but love to read Business books especially from Robert T. Kiyosaki and Donald Trump who is the one who influences me to read books like she did everyday who is a serious but surrounded by witty and crazy people like me who is the balancer of our team.


Well,we're talking about what rich people thinking.See we all can conclude that,rich people minds differ than average and poor people thinking.

That's why some people rich some do not.
She read so many books and befriend with so many people to see that rich people do:
  1. Read books-that's why the have their own library
  2. Have mission and vision- they also make vision boards and they put it where they can see
  3. Have teams/networks
  4. Always create leaders- so the leaders can work for them
  5. Know financial literacy-you're still a poor if u earn rm 100,000 but spend rm 120,000
  6. Must think like a rich man

example on how to think like a rich man:

What can I do with 1 million?

poor people thinkers said " I pay all the debts and save it in the bank"

average people thinkers said " I put in ASB/funds/mutual funds and I will get back the result after my retirement"

Rich people said " I invest where I can generate another million by this year"

oh, and do you know why not everyone deserved tons of cold hard cash?

because before you rich in the pocket,

you have to be rich in the


The upgraded freedom fighter

Thoughts of the day

Before I'm gonna rollout my tilam,I want to share something that I heard tonight.
I went to a convention at Times Square just now and one of the speaker really make me think deeply..

Here it is...

"Keputusan hari ini ialah hasil tindakan kita semalam"

"If you hear something that is wrong,u should correct them, or else it's not them whom are stupid,you are..because you insult you're own intelligent"

"Tiada siapa yang berjaya tanpa pertolongan orang lain.Sesiapa yang kamu lihat menceritakan kejayaannya tanpa pertolongan sesiapa ditambah lagi tidak berterima kasih kepada org lain dia ialah seorang pendusta yang ego"

"Leaders have to prepare to be alone ,because what you're thinking is not like what they're thinking"

It really makes me think till I cannot sleep

-the upgrade freedom fighter-

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sapa kata bakat tak boleh digilap?

Saya ada cerita tak saya kehilangan suara masa teambonding di Langkawi?
hmm..masa tu suara saya sangat sedap.nyanyi smua lagu smua smpai.
sampai planning ngan Yati nak buat duo band...

tadi call Aju nak planning for tomorrow
"Dai! suara kamu dah ok baik!"

hurgh?!! what da? patutla harini nyanyi lagu simple pun tak sedap suara ku mendengarnya.

takpe bakat boleh digilap kan? hehe

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Without stars we'll still be happy

Sorry I'm late
Searching for an umbrella
for both of us to shade

Now, let me wear my jacket
the rain is heavy aite?
we can't see the start
as we plan tonight

Now, don't be sad
let's walk to Bukit Bintang
there is always stars there
I know I'm funny
I learned from you

Tonight let's go with the flow
Forget about the fussess and misplans
They only make us negative and slow

P/s : credit to the rain that day.I'm inspired!

Yuna tolong!!

tadi aku terchat ngan seorang lesbian yang mengatakan dia couple ngan Yuna.

Yeap! Yuna After Midnight.

seram sey! budak kecik lagi tuh dah pandai aek! of course la aku tak caya...

P/s: sesiapa yg start ym ngan aku dengan perkataan
  1. Dear
  2. sayang
  3. baby
  4. honey

and seantero ngan nya tidak akan dilayan dengan baik.

ulang sekali lagi "DENGAN BAIK."

kecuali Im, sebab semua kawan dia panggil sayang.

birthday suprises

Yesterday was sad and lonely
Today is a gift to you and me
Tomorrow is a day of mystery

But it's ok
It's your birthday today
May your suprises amazed you
Just don't be suprise you're now older than me


Harini dalam sejarah

dah lupa nak tulis pe tadi
something penting?
hmm....tak igt la..

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Status YM yang kontroversi

zairyl iskandar: seronok ke myk naikk...?
dizzy: seronok

Fendy Fendy: minyak naek pun apy ke..
Fendy Fendy: aduii..
dizzy: menyedarkan kita supaya mencari rezeki ngan lebih gigih
Fendy Fendy: btol..

jen jentayu: orang gilak
jen jentayu: heheheh
dizzy: hehe
dizzy: thx

nurhaliza siti: nk isi minyak???
nurhaliza siti: saheh pnoh!!
dizzy: malaih la
dizzy: kna beratuq 2 km

zeri: dye..g ofc naik basikal ker esok?
dizzy: haaa takder keje
dizzy: naik kete la
dizzy: cuma kena bekerja keras lagi

kawan2 marilah kita bekerja keras lagi supaya kita tak terasa harga petrol naik

This is me,This is him

jen: saye blaja lagi satu perangai org harini dari care cakap die,kelakuan die...saye boleh agak diri die cmne

dyana nadia: apedia?

jen: so,saye dah tau dah u ni jenis yg cmne

dyana nadia: mmgla dah kamu tahu cara dia ckp,kelakuan dia mmg la kamu tahu sy mcamana
dyana nadia: so?
dyana nadia: sy ni mcmana?

jen: huhuhuuh..
jen: jgn marah kalo saye cakap
jen: n mintak maaf kalo salah

dyana nadia: ok no hal

jen: u ni jenis yg keras hati sgt

dyana nadia: owhhh

jen: dari segi pemikiran mmg jauh but kalo nak trime nasihat org,u mesti pk byk kalo baru wat keputusan
jen: seorang yg berani nak mencube

dyana nadia: uh huh mmg betul pun

jen: kalo nak something mesti nak kene dapat
jen: kalo wat sesuatu mesti nak sampai dpat keputusan yg baek walau pun xleh

dyana nadia: lagi?
dyana nadia: betul2
dyana nadia: sy mmg diajar mcmtu
dyana nadia: lagi?

jen: kalo ade maslah u mesti try tuk selesai kan,tp gune satu care je
jen: xnak dah gune care yg laen
jen: kalo boleh jalan tu,jalan tu jer la u gune nak selesai kan masalah
jen: huhuhuh

dyana nadia: jgnla gelak
dyana nadia: sy tgh serious mendengar ni

jen: x lah
jen: u kalo dah jumpe org yg u syg..
jen: u ni laen
jen: manje
jen: huhu
jen: betul x'

dizzy: a'aa kalo jumpa org tersayang mmg manja giler nak mampus

jen: penat nye menaip..
jen: huhuhuh

dizzy: ape penat taip?

jen: ni jangan tulis masuk buku plak yg saye tulis nie
jen: hahahaha

takla...saya tulis dalam blog saya jer.Thx Jen for ur sincerity..

aku on YM 24/7

ikhwan Soffian: Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
So love the people who treat you right…
Forget about the one’s who don’t.

Last message received on 6/4/2008 at 9:26 a.m

thx Ikhwan!u always made my morning...wpun masatu sy tak bangun lagi huhuhu

Azroy #3

nak citer pasal kawanku sorg ni..nama dia Azroy
tapi ngantukla esok je smbg..
sapa nak tahu citer dia langgar tiang sila tunggu esok ya
sweet nightmare!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Harini plannya...

Aku bangun..
terus ke laptop aku utk reply msgs
then berpikir apa aku nak buat harini...
1. p main ice skating kat Sunway?
2. Nak p jamming ngan kwn2 kat Wangsamaju?
3. Nak balik Kedah,buat suprise kat mummy daddy?
4. Nak singgah MMU cyber,suprise adik Ash belanja dia makan apaje yg dia nak?
5. Nak balik Melaka,nak suprise Ibu n Ayah tolong diaorg handle Kem?
6. Nak shopping kat Pavilion/KLCC/BB/OU?
7. Nak lepak Shah Alam ngan Apih?
8. Buy tix to Paris and lepak sana for 2 mths?
9. Buy tix to S.Korea and lepak ngan Zaeri?
10.Tulis lagu?tulis buku?tulis blog?
11.Buy tix to London n lepak ngan Elinor?

See,hanya org kaya saja ada choice..orang lain terpaksa ikut kehendak orang atas/penindas/dream busters.

Orang kaya ada freedom..Financial and Time freedom.
Tgk je la Paris Hilton and her BFF.
I should replace her.Then the world will be better.
Skrg ni aku blum kaya..n aku takdak masa..
so smua kat atas tu aku akan buat bila tiba masanya.Sekarang..


I want to fight

more professional

for a life that

have time freedom
have financial freedom

Bahagianya!! tak sabar nak menunggu hari itu.

P/s: The more harder u work the luckier you get-Desmond Kuek

So post-mortem terhadap diri sndiri dah buat

Tapi kalo post mortem sorang-sorang confirm syok sndiri..
So I need your help guys...
U know me better
I know la I know myself better but I need your comments and suggestions..plzz
Am I doing ok last May?Am I banyak main-main?
Baiti M,
Kak EMah,
Nabil Jr.
plzz critics me.
thx friends..

Every 1st day of the month I always think back on what I've done last month

Btw..tadi kat ym epy smith kata aku giler..suruh makan ubat..biasanya kalo org buat lawak,aku gelak and balas balik.This time terasa betul.Maybe it's because of 1st day of the month.
Today is my sanity day.
The day I think about what I've done last month
Is it towards my freedom?or backward?
I go through my last month schedule.Each day of every day of the month.WHat have I done I wrote it specifically...and it's not a paranoid thingy.

So did i moving forward or not


1. The teambonding at Langkawi was a success.It did change my way kind of leadership and my mindset towards life.Surely now I feel totally different.
2. I start to realise that my communication skills is getting better.Now I can meet and chat with strangers dengan cool and best.Yang penting! they dont forget me after we met.(ni tottaly sgt best!).
3. I changed my style from selekeh to more feminim.But still can't live without my vintage tshirt.(baru bli thsirt the beatles kat Lee cooper)
4. I'm much indie than before..
5. My fighting spirit is more obvious


1. My income this mth is lesser 2rats than last mth.sigh
2. I nyusahkan seorang yang begitu I sayang...Baiti Misbah
3. Terlupa nak save duit for this mth.Downpayment nak bli M3 baru
4. Terlupa nak save duit for this mth.Nak bayar kad kredit mummy and daddy
5. Terlupa nak save duit for umrah mummy and daddy
6. I'm such a burden to my parents
7. Banyak main-main

Sunday, June 1, 2008

1hb hari Freedom Fighters bercuti

So dia pun layn...

Polaroid by Oh Chentaku
Giler ar Myo buat sidekick kat microphone! smart giler!