Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Optical World

When I was browsing my laptop just now I mentioned there are lots of pictures of people wearing specs. I realised, I did pick people when taking photos. I really like to take pictures of people wearing spectacles.Suprisingly to me, I do have a strong fond feeling for people with spectacles.My 3 previous boyfriends wear spectacles. All members of my family wears spectacles. I was wearing spectacles once back then when I'm quite a "skema" girl. Darjah 3 smpai form 5.Then I switched to contact lens because I want to wear sunglasses-another family of specs.


jen_2_luck said...

i also wearing spectacles..8)

missy siti said...

hey gurl

take ma pics oso

i'm wearing specs t00=P

Dyana/Nadia/Dizzy/Dai said...

patutla ur blog menarik hati I rupanya korang pakai spek!(reasonable?)hehe.jom amik gambar!