Monday, September 22, 2008

It's a hectic week. I Love It!

I think I do when through some changes these past weeks. Firstly, I started to get busy again (thank Allah s.w.t). Been busy means my business is getting better and Yippie! more money for hari raya. Maybe I ought to buy an LV bag for my achievement. Or is it a Coach bag as a starter?

Being in a Ramadhan month do challenge me to change my attitude. I am a "panas baran punya budak". I remembered when the Freedom Fighters went to Cherating and they were yelled by me on the first day. I feel bad and phobia about it till I concluded myself to the Superstars that I'm not the real Superstar. Of course they understands as a leader-to -be there are many lack of leader attitude and mindset and they encouraged me not to do the same mistake.

Last saturday, the Freedom Fighters when to Sucasa,Ampang for precamp. It's a very friendly-atmosphere camp to learn about business mindset and attitude.
Guess whose the Director? Dyana a.k.a me.
On my last post, I did mention about a phobia. A phobia to lead people.
This is the event I was afraid of.
But then, my commited commitees really help me a lot. I never worked with so commited people around me and again I really thank them.So much. I mean it.
They changed me!.

I think I'm getting matured.


Hariry Ariffin said...

Jangan takut-takut. :)
BTW lisa part 17 sudah siap. Dan bakal dipost 2 minggu lagi!

Hariry Ariffin said...

jangan takut-takut :)