Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wow! panjangnyer tag ni.Takpe banyak masa malam ni

The rules:-Link to your tagger and post these rules.

List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people

  1. lovable and want to be loved

  2. funny (kui kui kui)

  3. in the process nak jadi poyo and budget

  4. cute (gagaga)
  5. pemalas nak mampus
  6. straight to the point and tak paham maksud kalo ada org berkias
  7. suka berkawan ngan lelaki sebab diaorg kurang emotional
  8. sayang family sangat3x


first name:Diyana Nadiah Tojiman

name you wish you had: I love my name. I think it's so cantik

what do people normally your name as:Dyana/nadia/Dai/Dizzy

birthday:4th october 1985

birthplace: Klinik Aisyah, Sungai Petani,Kedah
single or taken: single kot
zodiac sign:Libra


h0w tall are you:1.63 m
wish you were taller:tambah la dlm 10 inch lagi ke,bolehla jadi model
eye colour:dark brown
current hair color:black
short or long hair:short.
ever dye your hair a bizarre color:never did it.Nanti masa nak mandi wajib kena botakkan plak.
last time you did something dramatic with you hair:potong sndiri smpai jadi cam helmet,tension punya pasal.
glasses or contact:both.
do you wear make up:Yes. Ed. Pinaud and Benefit are my favs.
paint your nails:sekali je.nak test.

In a opposite gender
what color eye:tak heran
what color hair:tak heran
shy or outgoing:outstanding.
sexy or cute: boy next door
serious or fun:both.
older or younger than you:tak kesah,Sebaya pun ok.
a turn on: Can engage in a good non-stop conversation
turn off:smoker
flowers or chocolates:choc.
pepsi or coke:none
rap or rock:both
relationship or one night stand:relationship yang ada jaminan.Takdak kias2.
school or work:both
love or money:both
movie or music:both
country or city:both
sunny or rainy days:both
friends or family:both.
have you everlie:yess. :P
stole something:yes
smoked: sekali je sbb nak test.
hurt someone close to you:yes
broke someone's heart: rasanya
had you heart broken:yes
wonder what was wrong with you:yes
wish you were prince or princess:princess Dyana
like someone who was taken:taktau dia taken ke tak.
shaved your head:no
used chopstick:yes
sang in the mirror to yourself:v.
favorites flower:white roses
candy: tak suka
song:universal listener.
scent: green tea
movie:something yg x berat
singer: Yuna
junk food:rarely eat
location:Bt Caves
animal: cat
ever cried over someone:yes
is there anything you wish you could change about yourself:a lot.
in a positive way do you think you're attractive:yes. I can make people laugh.
if you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:tak suka sebab kebanyakkan puteri diselamatkan and hanya mengharapkan puteranya dtg menyelamatkanya.Geesh! talk about pemalas and penggantung.
Do you play any sports:yes.Hockey,basketball.