Sunday, November 16, 2008

I got one weird habit

I was so in stressed yesterday. I met a girl who is always broke her promises, give lame excuses till you can say "hello, itu pun kamu takleh pikir ke ______" and never berpendirian teguh (apa dalam english aeh?). How can she lives in this world with these kind of attitude?. Whoever think he/she have these stupid perangai, you know you are not likable darling.

But, as a good businesswoman I must stay professional all the time. Keep smiling and kewl is the right key. Irwan Zulkefli know how to do it with style. Salute!.

On our latest leadership training, we learned how to manage stresses. Baiti had asked us to list 5 things that makes me happy. So here's mine.

  1. Blogging (that's why I have a blog).
  2. Listening to my fav songs.
  3. Write lyrics/songs.
  4. Shopping.
  5. Talk to strangers.
People in the training were so confused/terkezut with my last "5 things that makes me happy". But yeah, I think for the time being, that's what I do best. Talk to strangers.
I think it's a habit now.
I feel so relax when talking to strangers. They don't know you and you are obviously don't know them.

Upon driving with still the madness in my head,marah kat budak pompuan giler tu I called Hairie.

Hairie. I met him at the ice rink when skating with my friends last week but actually he's in my Yahoo! Messenger's friends' list. I think he's in my list for a year now. But I never knew who he was till I wrote my YM's status " Sakit badan main ice skating". Rupenyer dia ke yang I selalu senyum-senyum masa kat ice rink (see Jihani I dah kata I gedik) and kawannya yang agak besar itu selalu jatuh depan saya (saya yang perasan).

What a small world.

Nanti kitaorg nak p main ice skating lagi. kan Hairie kan?
Korang nak buli saya kan?
Korang memang berani kan?
Nanti I nak bawak 2 bodyguard. Momo and Helmi.
Huhu memandai je letak nama orang.
Or Beb, do you wanna go?
I'll be your bodyguard I promise.


e.K said...

owh....saya sangat suka tengok orang yang jatuh di ice rink....

owh....saya sudah mahu balik ke JB

owh....saya masih ada urusan yang belum selesai

owh....saya sangat busy

owh.....saya seorang yang happy whatever happen pon......because I am happy go lucky person

owh......dyana sangat gedik:|

owh.....dah abis kumen

owh....ada lagi.....

bila kita mau jumpa lagi:D

my next VISIT is JANUARY:D stay tuned~

Epy^Smith said...

oh... i think when is my time that i can visit u there... lalalaa.. u visit i diana.. hahahha....

wah jumpa hairie macam suka je diana nie... erm...

strangers... yeah... i like it too...
at the first time i add u on ym u are totally not gewdiks n poyo style act like u are the best among the best amongs me.. hahahhaha... lelama fren tgk diana nih cam sayur jer... tapi sayur keras la.. brocolli bole x? hahahha....

diana i like u..
muah muahhhhhhh... (kiss my cat jew bkn u)..


i likeeeeeeeeeee... (peace)

Dyana/Nadia/Dai/dizzy said...

what do u mean by brocolli?