Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sometimes it's hard to lead people to the right lights

I've been wondering lately, why people always love to ask me to join them to do something that is "lagha" rather than urge me to do something useful.

Am I that playful?
Am I not that serious towards life?

I don't think so. I know my borders.
They don't.

And someday they gonna regret when they refused to do something important towards their life.
When I come and offer to lead their hands.Together.

Anyway Pretty-Tasty blogshop is gonna open for customers this month. Me and Izzy already found a model suits the clothes. We gonna have our shoot outdoor as Izzy planned it.
Owh yeah!
We sell Pretty clothes and Tasty cakes/muffins incase you didn't know.
Wish us luck Beb.


Epy^Smith said...

wat color of the light??

hehhe... be urself is the most good word to say.. but ppl impression of what are u being in front of their eyes have been identified by you. so it is in ur hand to changed their taught.

good luck for the fashion blog.... ganbate... chaiyok....