Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thoughts of the day

Before I'm gonna rollout my tilam,I want to share something that I heard tonight.
I went to a convention at Times Square just now and one of the speaker really make me think deeply..

Here it is...

"Keputusan hari ini ialah hasil tindakan kita semalam"

"If you hear something that is wrong,u should correct them, or else it's not them whom are stupid,you are..because you insult you're own intelligent"

"Tiada siapa yang berjaya tanpa pertolongan orang lain.Sesiapa yang kamu lihat menceritakan kejayaannya tanpa pertolongan sesiapa ditambah lagi tidak berterima kasih kepada org lain dia ialah seorang pendusta yang ego"

"Leaders have to prepare to be alone ,because what you're thinking is not like what they're thinking"

It really makes me think till I cannot sleep

-the upgrade freedom fighter-