Monday, June 2, 2008

Every 1st day of the month I always think back on what I've done last month

Btw..tadi kat ym epy smith kata aku giler..suruh makan ubat..biasanya kalo org buat lawak,aku gelak and balas balik.This time terasa betul.Maybe it's because of 1st day of the month.
Today is my sanity day.
The day I think about what I've done last month
Is it towards my freedom?or backward?
I go through my last month schedule.Each day of every day of the month.WHat have I done I wrote it specifically...and it's not a paranoid thingy.

So did i moving forward or not


1. The teambonding at Langkawi was a success.It did change my way kind of leadership and my mindset towards life.Surely now I feel totally different.
2. I start to realise that my communication skills is getting better.Now I can meet and chat with strangers dengan cool and best.Yang penting! they dont forget me after we met.(ni tottaly sgt best!).
3. I changed my style from selekeh to more feminim.But still can't live without my vintage tshirt.(baru bli thsirt the beatles kat Lee cooper)
4. I'm much indie than before..
5. My fighting spirit is more obvious


1. My income this mth is lesser 2rats than last mth.sigh
2. I nyusahkan seorang yang begitu I sayang...Baiti Misbah
3. Terlupa nak save duit for this mth.Downpayment nak bli M3 baru
4. Terlupa nak save duit for this mth.Nak bayar kad kredit mummy and daddy
5. Terlupa nak save duit for umrah mummy and daddy
6. I'm such a burden to my parents
7. Banyak main-main