Monday, June 9, 2008

He's always reminded me of things would happen one year after

I met my friend from Hong Kong today. He was supposed to be here yesterday but because of the massive flooded in Hong Kong, almost 455 flights were delayed.He said the flood was so bad till cover the rooftop..of the car(he was trying to be fani here coz we're all think the rooftop of the house)

About the newly-rise petrol price,he said people in Hong Kong pay RM 7 per litre but soon it will rocketed to USD 160 per barrel.

Moreover,there was a sign that bird flu will come back again to HK and there are already prepared to demolish the already-exsistence chicken in the market.Not only that,they also stop all the imported alive bird to HK.

and tomorrow (Monday) he predicts the Hang Seng index will drop to 3-5%

See, we Malaysian are still lucky...

Back to his story, he has a 4 and a half year daughter. His wife wants to enroll his daughter to the best international school in HK. He said " go on and find her the best school and I go out and make some money"
S0 his wife make some research and found it. But this school is bukan "senang-senang kamu kaya ja kamu dapat masuk"..your daughter have to be interviewed by them.

A 4 and a half year you already got an interview mae?so after you got after u got the interview, u have to pay RM 300 thousand( that will not confirm she will get in)
His daughter get into the school at last..this is lucu,

belajar 2 setengah jam sehari je,

9 bulan setahun,

pay rm 72,000 per year


but after he went to the school, he saw why it is so expensive.
He said" I would sell my yacht to let my daugher to get in there"..

Didn't he scared?ye la dah ekonomi tak stabil skrg..

"I'm ready,I'm ready,I'm ready...did I tell you a year ago there will be a high-rise price in oil?"
He did..I kinda forgot after that..but I'm ready too.


encikpundak said...

patutla tak kisah pn rm 7 seliter