Sunday, June 8, 2008

Think big by Nabil

Nabil yang berdiri tu..

It's been a long time I haven't chit chat with Nabil.

Who's Nabil?

She's a beatiful and skinny girl/woman , who love fashion so much who took Master in Physics but love to read Business books especially from Robert T. Kiyosaki and Donald Trump who is the one who influences me to read books like she did everyday who is a serious but surrounded by witty and crazy people like me who is the balancer of our team.


Well,we're talking about what rich people thinking.See we all can conclude that,rich people minds differ than average and poor people thinking.

That's why some people rich some do not.
She read so many books and befriend with so many people to see that rich people do:
  1. Read books-that's why the have their own library
  2. Have mission and vision- they also make vision boards and they put it where they can see
  3. Have teams/networks
  4. Always create leaders- so the leaders can work for them
  5. Know financial literacy-you're still a poor if u earn rm 100,000 but spend rm 120,000
  6. Must think like a rich man

example on how to think like a rich man:

What can I do with 1 million?

poor people thinkers said " I pay all the debts and save it in the bank"

average people thinkers said " I put in ASB/funds/mutual funds and I will get back the result after my retirement"

Rich people said " I invest where I can generate another million by this year"

oh, and do you know why not everyone deserved tons of cold hard cash?

because before you rich in the pocket,

you have to be rich in the


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