Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm just a Little Miss Obsessive

Wonder what's the connection with me being a freedom fighter (ting !tong!)

Am I the reason why you tossed and turned last night?
Everything's such a blur, it didn't come out right.
All of the sudden it's cold and we're falling apart.
No this can't be, please don't leave me alone in the dark.

I've never been a fan of long good-byes.
I'm at the finish line and you're just way too far behind.
In the morning I got in a fight with myself, I got the bruises to prove it.
Then I swallowed your words and spit them right back out.

It's like a fairy tale without a happy ending
But then again maybe we are just pretending.
Why does it have to be so unfair? Tell me that you care.

And I guess we're really over, so come over, i'm not over it.
Late night you make me feel like i'm desperate, I'm not desperate.
Oh, a little bit possessive, little miss obsessive, can't get over it. No.

eeiii geramnya!