Monday, December 1, 2008

And the Awards goes to... Dyana The Freedom Fighter! owh yeah Owh Yeah

Naik ke podium dengan dress meleret
" Oh Thank you...thank you..first of all I want to thank Allah S.W.T because of talent in writing he had gave to me. Mummy,Daddy for buying me a desktop and believe me when I said I want streamyx because I want to study online instead I actually want to chatting only. My bro because of keep urging me to watch *&^%........bla bla bla"

itu orang gedik boleh bagi ucapan mcmtu

"The Power Blog?"
Maksudnyer my blog ni ada power ke? Power untuk mengubah orang? huihui best2. Actually my first major reason I want to write is to change people's mindset towards life. I always urge people to stay and think positive all of time. Let's have a beautiful Life. C'mon guys we can create beautiful life together!.hehe did u guys changed?.

During my blogging, I met many people who are inspiring and I want to award them this Award to :
  1. Jen
  2. Hariry
  3. Azrey
  4. Ixa
  5. NH ( but i don't think he reads my blog)

Thx Izza cayang!


Anonymous said...


yeah. same name..
neway, nadia is my best buddies

nice to noe u