Thursday, December 4, 2008

I love this tag. TQ!

Budak ni kan kalo nak tag orang mesti nama aku naik dulu. haihh. Cam tau2 jek aku mmg gemor wat tag yg unik2 ni. hoho. Ok ni tag dia:

1. Take your bag, be it hand bag, man bag, sling bag or any other bags that you put your stuff in.

2. Take everything out and put it nicely around the bag.3

. Describe the items found in your bag.

4. Let the readers judge.

I have three bags which I always used. But i fav this bag the most because it is vintage.
My purse is a must. I bought my Roxy purse when I was in depressed a year ago. I bought it at Bukit Bintang.RM99.sgt depressed.
My car key.
Ed. Pinaud's Compact Powder.
Ed. Pinaud's Passion Fluerie Cologne.
Ed. Pinaud's lipstick
Benefit's Benetint.
Buku kecil as a diary.
pen cair.
Motorola V3 pink.

muat-muat bag je.


iXa said...

tau dah intipati bag kak dai sebab suka rummage bag beliau.

Epy^Smith said...

lawa beg coklat tuh...

shamimi said...

Banyaknya warna pink. Hihi...