Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yesterday at the office

Sesiapa yang selalu lepak di Danau Kota mesti akan terserempak ngan Si Dia ni. Kain batik, bawak stroller baby and dalam stroller tu ada...don't know what's inside it. Belum sempat datang dekat. Anyway, yesterday was quite a mess thank god ada my partners at the office who support me 100%.

Nabil and I ate at Pavilion at Food Republic's Mee Jawa. It was awesome and while waiting for heavy rain to stop I took pics of her and our building.

Megat and Hafiz
We have an urgent meeting yesterday for precamp and I am the co-ordinator of the programme including Nabil, Swed, and Ida. While Megat as the Director of the programme managed the meeting effectively.

I was so stressed yesterday but of course because of the professionalisme I can't show it to the world. So to stressed out I took pics! Amik gambar bayang-bayang memang my fav.

P/S: Dyana are u ok now?


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