Thursday, July 10, 2008

Then We Seperated

Makan-makan Nasi lemak and Char Kuey Tiau at Mali's Corner

Ghosthunting around Bukit Tunku

Jalan-jalan area Hartamas

Round-round KL

Berlari-larian kat Titiwangsa

sampai 5.30 pagi

That's the result after I messaged them back..after we separated.
best giler nak mampus.Every weekend macam ni kan best.

But this weekend cannot la. I'm busy at the office, Edy and Zul busy with frieght fowder thingy and Emie outstation to Kemaman and Johor.

Next week pun busy..


shamimi said...

You hv such are much time to hang out on weekend ayte...Mesti best kan...I wish i can do that for my weekend...

Dyana/Nadia/Dai/Dizzy said...

tgkla masa I kuar kul bape.masa p ghosthunting tu pun kul 12 tgh mln dah.berlarian kat titiwangsa tu pun kul 5 pagi.Masatu smua org ada masa unless they fall asleep.I sanggup sacrifice my sleep for my friends.Jom join skali.

shamimi said...

Blh jew join tp kn bgtau awal2...
Jadual waktu i start mggu dpn dh padat maybe ari mggu jew leh join...Tgk keadaan klu free blh ar join...