Friday, July 18, 2008

A Funny Story From a New Qualified Teacher

This story was told to me from my friend's first day teaching experience.

I = the teacher a.k.a Syed.

It is my first day of teaching.I'm not interested because I'm gonna teaching sek. rendah students instead of Sek. Men. who is more ermm appropriate to my kind of teaching. See I'm not a typical teacher who always suka amik ati students.

Btw, dari pagi tadi, I cannot stand the noise..I hate it. The sounds of budak-budak menjerit,menangis.I always doubt I could be a great teacher because I doubt I will be a good one either.

So, I'm in my first class.I hope the noise will be gone.
But the noise....
it's getting noisier
and noisier
I can't stand it anymore
but, I'm scared to tell them to be quiet
It's gonna blow..

Syed : SHUT DOWN!!!!

instantly everyone was quiet and confused.
Maybe I should say shut up rather than shut down.(gugup punya pasal)


ameirul azraie said...

Hahaha. For sure the students blanking for a few seconds, try to figure out the relation between the noise that they make and the word SHUT DOWN. Hahaha.

::askmie:: said...

shut up & down! haha