Tuesday, July 1, 2008

T-shirt Freedom Fighter

I was browsing t-shirts and stuffies at Super Sunday Concept Store yesterday with Safura.

Saw some OMG! t-shirts and my favourite Our Happiness t-shirts and

" What tha #%*$!"

T-shirt Freedom Fighter!?!

terkejut sampai tanya siapa yang design, duk mana,kedai kat mana,belaja mana kat adik yang jaga store tu.

Adik tu pun kasi la sticker yang lead me to this site.

Adha's Tshirt

But,maybe the freedom he designed on the t-shirt is different with my kind of freedom

Adha pun ada design t-shirt Tribute to Sichuan Earthquake Victim ("Adha ni t-shirt charity ae?)

P/S huhu, baru berimpian nak design t-shirt jenama Freedom Fighter...oh well.