Monday, July 7, 2008

Memoirs of Dyana

These memoirs was written in my car while waiting for someone...

These few days was cray-zeee.I was sick. I had sore throat and running nose.
It was horrible.

On saturday, I have a meeting with Raze's,BM's and BI's team to coordinate a postcamp this 20th.I was picked as Treasurer/Registration . I've never done it before that's why I'm really excited. I want to do it really well. As the meeting ended they all together watch Wanted.

I already watched it TWICE.So I decided to lepak ngan Team Ipoh.Ada Sham,Mat,Usop,Afiq,Shahril and geng lain.And I'm the only one girl.Nasib baik my PR is good.huhu. I love when they talk about Ipoh. and the mentality of Ipoh people. So diff then in KL.

Then Edy call..