Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rumahku,Syurgaku,Comfort Zone ku.

Talks about Comfort Zone, I snapped some pix around my house when I was holidaying last month. Everything is still the same.All my teddy bears still freezing at their place,well I wonder how i react if they're dancing.

And so my bottles and paper bags collection.

Few changes at our living room

And the garden is blooming

But honestly, I really hate going home. Like I just said Rumahku,Syurgaku,Comfort Zone ku. The house makes me the laziest Freedom Fighter in the world. Raze always said,his house is his comfort zone that's why he always get out of the house. When we're in comfort zone we tend to forget what we are supposed to do in our life. Mission,vision smua hilang.*Poof*
"Tunggu bila dah berjaya,dudukla dalam comfort zone kamu tu smpai bila-bila"

Tapi puasa pertama nanti balik lagi.

En Hariry,ok tak my pix?tak guna kamera gabak.Just a Kodak.huhu.


Hariry Ariffin said...

Gambar dari kamera Kodak mostly cantik. A friend of mine suka pakai Kodak, and gambar dia mostly cantik. These pictures are nice! Seriously living room macam tu? Style!