Saturday, August 30, 2008

Online shopping

2 days I tengok PC tak berenti bukan sebab sibuk blogging tapi buat buying online through Singapore. Yesterday me and my partners smua jakon tengok laptop/Pcs because it was the first time kitaorg buat stocks buying using online. Today, I wake up in someone house without taking a bath just walking out the condo and into a cyber cafe to continue my job.The funny is, eventhough I'm quite the expert in IT(I was majored in IT since form 4 till I change my mind to study Nuclear), e-shopping makes me blur sungguh-sungguh la.Actually many things I learned during these processes.

  1. If you want to buy stocks online outside Malaysia,use international bank credit card.Local bank offers higher currency exchange than international bank.For example, Citibank punya currency exchange rate is 1.*** lower than CIMB (Since my posting).
  2. Before you want to buy online,don't forget to register your credit card for e-shopping. Yesterday,Baiti and I digelakkan oleh partners kitaorg disebabkan tak register e-shopping. "Patutla dari smlm tak dapat buy rupanya ko tak register"Ulai terkekek-kekek gelak.
  3. Some e-shops charge for delivery services if you're buying under $500.So Beli la byk2.
  4. Do your e-shopping at subuh or midnight.Smooth traffic sebab tak ramai orang bangun subuh and lbh ramai org suka melepak dr nak shopping waktu midnight.Mcm sekarang ni I boleh smpt blogging because website yang I nak shopping dah jam.

nanti sambung tak siap buying lagi ni.