Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to 70's

I'm back everyone..eventhough my absence/appearance
doesn't get noticed.Oh well!
I love my hectic life right this minute. I couldn't bear thinking
of living in a very slow-motion life ever in my life.
These pix was taken 3 weeks before this entry(12-13hb Augustus 2008) lbh kurang mcmtu la
And yes we're going to a place wearing these 70's clothing.
Tau dak kat mana?
Hint : Augustus

OKla we were going to JAKARTA...
Wonder how do I look like?


shamimi said...

No wonder lm x update blog...
Mesti bestkn g jakarta...

jen_2_luck said...

gile ah...
I give five stars tuk brother yg atas skali tu..
havoc sakan brother tu dress up..