Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My newest project : kids

For my old and new friends who wondering what I'm doing now for my living, I am a full time Real Estate Negotiator. I help sell properties and my expertise are in lands and bungalows. All my listings are compiled in one blog, Hartanah Dyana.

Other than that, I'm running my own blog boutique at Pretty-Tasty. I sell pre-loves many are from my friends who sent their stuffI for me to sell. This coming Aidilfitri, I'll be selling lovely-lovely cotton-material baju kurung. Tunggu yer..

And other than that, I'm a happy tuition teacher for pre-school, primary and secondary. I want to open a tuition centre soon as my numbers of students are getting bigger. Average 10 students entered every month. I think parents (and of course my students) love the tuition because of my different kind of teachings and approaches. Well, tips from both of my parents are effective I guess.

Last 2 days, some of my students and I took pictures of us. We will used it to write essays about the pictures. Check us out!.

my primary students : Iskandar, Azam and Adham

my pre-school students


shamimi said...

Hoho, jd cikgu sekolah skrg. Ow r u?
Lmkn x bborak since tgk wayng ari tu.

Dyana/Nadia/Dai/dizzy said...

bukan cikgu sekolah,cikgu tuition jer. Jom tgk harry potter plak.blh sambung sembang

shamimi said...

Hehe i dh tgk dgn kuzen i tp nk lg seklai pn blh.

kali nie u dtg tmpt i lak sbbnya adik i pn nk tgk sekali.

blh kew?

Dyana/Nadia/Dai/dizzy said...

boleh jer tpi kna bgtau awal2.mcm biasa