Monday, May 26, 2008

Who miss me?

I'm afraid there's only a few people miss me 'sampai tak tahan'.huhu
Counting till today,it's been a complete one week I haven't online which is abnormal to me.For those who know me well,I can't leave my laptop for a day!.

But then why did I leave my normal life?
Firstly :I'm tired of me waking up late everyday( I'm not a 9-5 worker)
Secondly: I'm tired of city life (sometimes I need a break but living in a kampung lah)
Thirdly :I want to run,swim,scream and be somebody more agressive and more gila-gila than what I am right now.
Fourthly:I want to know and get close to my fellow freedom fighters. I want to feel and have their fighting spirit.

I just online my YM and many reply back to my status that says
"I'm back after a week from detoxifying I'm sunburned and out of voice"

Guess where were I going last week?

to be continued