Friday, February 12, 2010

Pesan banyak kali pun tak lut

Everyday, there are 8 things I always say to my students

  1. Communication book to the front before 8 a.m honey.
  2. Prepare your books
  3. Please listen to your teacher, sayangku.
  4. What religion are you? Allah s.wt told you to respect the Ulul Azmi.
  5. When you're talking during class, you miss what teacher teaches you.Allah S.W.T hates people who waste time.
  6. Are you writing with your mouth?
  7. Please behave, don't make your teacher cry.
  8. Assalamualaikum don't forget homework and solat.
Guess what, it's a routine and tomorrow at 8 a.m I have to repeat the first sentence and finished with the last sentence again at 4 p.m.

But one morning, on the way to school I hit the traffic light ( bukan langgar traffic light tapi lampu merah tapi still jalan, get it?) and it makes me thinking, "from the first day I had my driving licence, they always advise me to not hit the red light but now for the 9th years of my driving still I didn't listen. That concludes :

"What goes around comes around" ( padan muka sapa suruh tak dengaq cakap org jangan langgar lampu merah,sekarang students hang plak tak dengaq kata hang.)


shamimi said...

bila dh jd cikgu bru th jadi cikgu tu sshkn.

DiyanaMahad said...

hey diyana, remember me? (same name)
haha. i jadik blogger balik. the previous one tuh, i da vanish. haha! kejam x? btw, dah jadik teacher ea skang?

madmal said...

aduh.. terasa..... susah jgak ek jd cikgu.. nak betulkan org, tapi kena betulkan diri sendri jgak.. aish..

Dyana/Nadia/Dai/dizzy said...

a'aa jadik teacher kat international school.Of course igt Den.

shamimi said...

ow ru dai?
btol x mo ckp 1 ms t kamu akn bosan utk update blog kn...

Dyana/Nadia/Dai/dizzy said...

haha yeap. tapi actually lebih dari tak smpt than bosan. wei jom la iron man 2 and ip man 2

shamimi said...

ironman 2 dh tgk.
ip man lum.
jom2 tp lps abis final exam.
last paper this friday.
abis paper trs g.
nk tak?

Dyana/Nadia/Dai/dizzy said...

haha remember I have a job that requires to work till ten pm. Sekarang students nak exam. Sabtu mlm la. I bought tickets early.

shamimi said...

Anything text me ayte...